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The Last Orphans by Neil W. Harris Book Review....... 20/20 Stars!!

The Last Orphans by Neil W Harris

Published by Clean Teen Publishing

Reviewed by Author Holly Newhouse for Eternal Book Reviews

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"In a world of it's own, it's so amazing.....20 out of 20 Stars!"

       I cannot begin to rave enough about this book!!! Being asked to read this amazing and fascinating book is a dream come true for this reviewer! I just could not put it down!
     Knowing first hand the great amount of work that goes into the writing of a book, editing it and editing some more until it becomes not only your masterpiece but your very soul becomes part of it and that is clearly seen in this magnificent book and is written by an equally amazing and masterful storyteller!
     This fantastic fast paced book begins with the world thrown into chaos as everyone over 18 is killed or destroyed by animals, insects, etc... in nature. You meet Shane, a teenage boy as shell shocked as any seasoned soldier who has lived through the trauma of war. Through his vow to keep the girl of his dreams and her little sister safe from harm, an unwilling yet true leader emerges out of the chaos to take control and lead over seventy kids through a world that has basically become a war zone. He almost losing it himself in order to save the lives of the others in his quest to lead those he is in charge of, to safety.
    This amazing author is extremely well written and the editor has done a tremendous job as well with this book. The character development is superb and the plot as well as the storyline, oh my goodness, it is extremely realistic, fascinating and flows beautifully throughout the whole book! The descriptions are vivid and give just enough detail to incite the imagination but not too much as to be overdone.
     I was able to visualize the characters, how they looked and what they were doing as they dialogued and that takes some true talent to accomplish. I not only felt that I was right there in the book with Shane and Kelly and the rest but, it no longer became a book I was reading but a movie I was watching play out in full color and volume in my mind and very few authors have been able to do that and then, its usually non-fiction authors who accomplish it the best but Neil Harris has done exactly that for me and that is the highest compliment I can give.
    This book moved me to the point where I cried, laughed, cringed and even yelled at the characters and along with them, I wanted to jump right into the book myself, so engaged was I with the book and the characters themselves and for the first time I felt my adrenaline and fight or flight response kick in and with a book at that! That is exceptionally rare for me.
   To be honest, this author is pretty darn amazing in my opinion and in his ability to tell a story and make this reviewer feel so many things and become so engaged that there were points in the book where I had to stop reading or risk breaking my computer! No kidding!
    Author Neil Harris has done the impossible through his words and ability to tell a fantastic story, his ability to vividly describe and set up a scene and buildup to several conflicts and does so flawlessly.

Don't believe me? Then I highly encourage you to read this book for yourself! You won't be sorry, not one bit, I can guarantee you that! Take it from someone who has read literally millions of books and thought I had seen and heard it all but, I have been proven wrong by a few authors lately and this author is one of them!

  I rarely say this but, I will say it now, i will be sitting on my hands and on pins and needles awaiting for book 2 to come out so I can once again immerse myself into this magnificent series and I will definitely be begging this amazing author to please let me read and review book 2 of this series! Look out followers, mark my words, this will become a new bestseller!

On a final note, I want to deeply and personally thank Author Neil Harris for asking me to read and review his book. It has a been a true honor and thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing a book that completely turned my world upside down for a time, you are truly gifted sir!

Running by SC Bryce Book Review- 5/5 Stars

Running by SC Bryce

Clean Teen Publishing

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 Reviewed by Author Holly Newhouse for Eternal Book Reviews



Book Description - 

Kate Settles Into a Life with Her New Family: a Murderer, an Alcoholic, a Thief, a Teenage Runaway…and a Wolf.

Summer 1983: Abandoned by their mother, sixteen-year-old Kate, and her younger brother and sister find themselves on the streets.
Alone and homeless, they seek refuge in a derelict bungalow in the English countryside where they meet their new family: a robber, a convict, an alcoholic and a troubled teenage runaway.
Struck by the tragedy of her sister's death and terrorized by a new arrival, Kate yearns for an end to their brutal and squalid existence. She asks herself whether she should keep running or ask someone for help, someone like the woodcutter.
Does the mysterious stranger in the woods hold the secret to a wonderful future or a deadly past?


Book Review - 

 "Be prepared to experience intense heart pounding emotion!" 5/5 Stars
       This was an amazing young adult book! It's the first of it's kind that this reviewer has ever read. It's definitely in a class of its own. Kate and her siblings are taken in and cared for by Mannis who growls a great deal but underneath he's a caring man doing the best he knows how to take care of the kids. The three orphans go through a series of misadventures. 
     There are a lot of twists and turns, many that you don't even see coming until after it's happened. I will warn you that you won't figure it all out, won't put all of the pieces together until the very end - why everything played out the way it did in the book and that is pure genius on the part of the author! I never expected it and at the end had a huge Ah Hah! moment when all of the pieces finally came together and everything clicked into place.
    This book is magnificent, I just can't say that enough! It's well written and extremely intense and engaging to the point where you won't be able to put it down until you have read it to the very end. I began reading this book, being capture and drawn in from the first page and it kept its hold onto me until the end and what felt like only a few minutes had passed, I was shocked to see that in reality, three hours had passed! That does not happen to me very often.
     Now, onto the nitty gritty stuff. As I said, the book is well written by a master storyteller. I could visualize every character and every scene in the book without any issues at all. The whole book flowed quite nicely. Each character's background and how they came to be together, as well as the characters' development, plot and storyline were all masterfully crafted by Author SC Bryce.
      The scenes were logical in sequence. There was a sufficient amount of down time between intense scenes allowing for a build up to the next intense one. Every action can be clearly "seen" visually. The character dialogue was perfect allowing the reader to see what the characters were doing while speaking and were extremely realistic as were the scenes.
      Overall, this book was brilliantly done and written. I highly recommend this book not only to young adults but to adults as well who like a refreshing new read that is in a caliber all of it's own!

This Nearly was Mine by Nancy Farkas Book Review (5/5 Stars)

This Nearly was Mine by Nancy Farkas

Archway Publishing

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Reviewed by Author Holly Newhouse for Eternal Books Reviews

"Full of Raw Emotion and Real Life Experiences...." 5/5 Stars

      To be honest, I don't usually read non-fiction memoirs or books that read like them. With that being said, this one caught my attention right away and kept it as I read the whole book in one sitting. I loved the references the Author uses pertaining to movies, especially having seen them all and loved them all myself. I also love Author Nancy Farkas's use of witty remarks on who should play each character in the movie version of the book.

     The first thing that came to mind was that I really could relate to the character Annie and to some of her experiences and especially, to her educational background. First being an author myself and then because I too went to school in the same field, not for social work but for Marriage and Family Therapy and Victim Traumatization.

     Another thing I noticed was that Annie is a brave and courageous woman who really is much stronger than she realizes or sees herself as being. This is seen throughout the story of the book which Annie herself narrates. It's a story full of raw emotion, joys and sorrows, heartbreak and triumph. There will not be one man or woman who will not be able to relate to this story in one form or another. As someone who is 20 years younger than Annie in the book, I could relate well to the story and to Annie's life experiences. Her story is extremely raw and real life over choices made in her younger years and the acceptance she finally comes to having made those choices.

    This author is extremely well written and writes in such a way that it captivates the reader and keeps them reading until the end and then leaves the reader wanting more of the story. By the time this reviewer finished reading the book, I was unaware that five hours had just flown by in what felt like mere minutes, so engaging is engrossing is this book.

      The story flows nicely and the scenes as well as the characters are easily visualized. The author is right in saying at the beginning of the story that there is plenty of room for character development and she develops the characters in such a way that is completely relate-able and endearing. The characters and story pull you right in to the point where you feel you are living through all of the experiences right along with all of them.

      Being the hopeless romantic that I am, there were parts I expected or hoped maybe would end differently than they did, but in the end, the conclusions were the right ones for Annie and her family and for her deep love for her husband. That in itself is a testament to true love in real life. People come and go out of our lives as they are meant to but life doesn't stop because of it. The author's account of Annie's life is as raw and as true as one can get when baring their soul for the whole world to read through her writing and we can all learn from it too.

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Meet Bethany Clayton who finds a journal with the power to allow her to travel into the past to meet her ancestors and fall in love with a very handsome gunslinger named Jebidiah Cole. They have several adventures including meeting the legendary "Dark One" also called the "Van Meter, Iowa Monster" in the early 1900s. Will Bethany and Jebidiah's love survive the test of time or will the rip in the fabric of the universe right itself? Will they survive their meeting with the dark one or will they be pulled into the Eighth realm of Hell?

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Ghost Town by Sara Alley Book Review for Eternal Books Reviews


Ghost Story by Sara Alley Book Review by Holly Newhouse for Eternal Books Reviews......5/5 Stars!

    I absolutely loved this book and even at 38 years old, I find I absolutely love YA novels perhaps even more than I love adult ones. there is an uncomplicated simplicity to them if I may say so and that does not meant the plot is not full of wondrous conflict or that the characters are not perfectly complicated. It is rather hard to put into words but after reading an adult novel, this book is like a breath of fresh air to read even as it took me on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire trip. This magnificent story also had me experiencing a range of emotions. It really takes a truly special kind of person to be able to write New Adult and Young Adult novels and to write them extremely well but, that is exactly what Sara Alley has done and she has accomplished it brilliantly!
     I instantly fell in love with the complexity of Anastasia aka Ava and William aka Will as well as all of the characters in the storyline. They are all complex and their character development and the roles they play is so magnificently written that I honestly wish it was a movie! I could watch it over and over several times and still never get tired of it.
    Ava's description of Bowen Krider as being "childlike and innocent, but tired and world weary" is just one example of the amazing talent of this author in her ability to use the least amount of words necessary to describe the scene and set the mood. One can clearly tell that they are carefully chosen and used in such a way that allows the reader to clearly visualize the character in a way that stays with you long after the last page of the book has been read.
    I got so involved in the book that it honestly took me a few moments of pure confusion to understand that the book was really over and there was no more to read! I also applaud Sara Alley for giving the majority of her proceeds to help homeless animals which is a cause near and dear to my heart having adopted five fur babies of my own and whom are, I admit, spoiled completely rotten. I also love how the story was set in Gainsville, Texas. I visited the beautiful town when I lived in Fort Worth, TX for six years and I can say that Texas along with the many wonderful people there captured my heart and have held onto it long after I moved away. Texas will always be the home of my heart and soul.

Enhancement a Thriller (Black Market DNA) by Anthony J Melchiorri

Book Review of Enhancement:

RATING: 5 stars out of 5 stars!

I don't usually get into detailed thriller futuristic stories but this one really drew me in. It was exceptionally well written, easy to understand and follow along with. Most medical terms used were done so in a way that it was easy to determine their meaning within the paragraph. The first page throws the reader right into the middle of the action with Chris Morgan who has been shanked during a prison riot. The reader is immediately sucked right into the book and its story and is held there by the seat of his or her pants until the very end of the book. This book is written in first person passive voice which was refreshing for a change for this reader. I also like books that have a steady pace rather than making you feel as if you have to read it all as fast as possible.
Editing issues were minimal and nothing that would stop me from continuing to read this book. It is too often easy for novice reviewers who have no idea what they are doing to nit pick and get caught up on these issues but this reviewer does not really see minor issues as a problem especially when they do not detract from the story I am reading. Everyone is human after all and too many reviewers are unnecessarily critical instead of offering constructive criticism and as I said, have absolutely no idea how to do a professional review of a book.
I found this book overall to be absolutely amazing and I thank the author for sharing his incredible imagination and talent with the world. It takes great courage to put your heart and soul into creating something and then leave it bare for the world to see and judge. Great job Mr. Melchiorri, i found you to be truly talented and well written. Thank you again for the opportunity to read your book and review it.

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Vengeance is Mine by Kasey Millstead Book Review...5 Stars!

My Review:

"A Gripping Roller Coaster of a Ride!" "A Ten Star Read"

I love, love, love this book! I found this author quite by accident and am so glad I did, this book was everything I have ever wanted in a book! Well written with the author's own unique way with words and excellent storytelling skills in a way that drew me in from the start. The character development and dialogue was perfect, not too much and not too little. The characters, dialogue, and plot were all fantastically realistic which only brought it up several notches in my opinion. Having grown up around an MC, this book was perfect and one I had always hoped would be written and written exceptionally as this author has perfectly accomplished! Taking the journey with the character Ella Moore definitely kept me on the edge of my seat with twists and turns and a roller coaster of emotions or to put it simply, it blew my mind and I am looking forward to purchasing and reading all of this author's awesome MC Books!
As in the words of one of my favorite characters, "Sometimes good people have to do bad things for the greater good." ~Cade
Magnificently well done Miss Millstead!! I have found a new favorite author by accident and will be a loyal fan by choice!

Realm of Angels Parts I-V by Conrad Powell Book Review (5 Stars)

My Review for Eternal Books Reviews  (5/5 Stars):
I absolutely loved these books! What a wonderfully talented author! The story drew me right in from the start! It is rare that I find a book that I feel like I am living right along with the characters in their world but, Mr. Powell has done just that for me! Make sure you read Realm the first novel, it is absolutely magnificent!!! Thank you so much Mr. Powell for sharing your amazing talent with the world!

The Tragedy of Woman by Ray Dracolias- Book Review

My Review for Eternal Books Reviews and Inkspand:

This is the 4th book by this amazing author that I have had the pleasure of reading and it did not fail the high expectations that I have come to expect from Ray Dacolias. It was a wonderfully long read that I was drawn into from the very start and it held me on the edge of my seat as the story of Oscine who is a brave, courageous, positive and compassionate woman who has lived through tragedies in her childhood then again after she's married. Having lived through eerily similar circumstances in my own life, I could not only empathize with Oscine but became her during my journey through and to the end of this book. Which is a real treat for me when an author can accomplish that task. At the end of the book, I was exhausted emotionally, so involved was I in this book and felt like I had just gotten off of a roller coaster full of emotion during my journey with the character in this amazing read and when she stayed positive and forgave others their wrongs against her, I myself wished to be her as I could only feel anger and outrage on her behalf! Perhaps because it triggered my own memories that had been better left laid to rest in my own past.
This amazing author has once again wowed me with his unique way with words and excellent story telling ability. The character development was once again magnificent and rich. The plot and storyline, again was extremely engaging, well thought out, complex, and extremely well written. The way twists and turns occurred that I could not have foreseen was pure genius. Once again this amazing author has taken subjects most will shy away from and brought them into the public light bravely for all readers to like or dislike and like all great authors, with each new book, bares his soul to the world while bringing attention to otherwise sensitive topics that most only speak of behind closed doors. I full commend this author for accomplishing just that once again. I eagerly look forward to reading more books by this author, one of my new favorites.
I further recommend this book to everyone regardless of gender. If you have the patience needed to become engaged in a long novel and yet, absolutely exquisite read, then pick up this book today!

Crossfire by Andrea Somanski- Book Review

My Review:

This was an amazing book. I was immediately drawn in by the book cover which was beautifully crafted and developed. Then after reading the description I was hooked and knew I had to read this book! I love reading YA books even at my age of 38 and proud to admit it! There is something to be said for a wonderful and well written YA novel. I was shocked that this was a new author and thought I was reading the book of a well seasoned author until I found out the author was new. Wow! Awesome job hon! The storyline was fluid and flowed perfectly throughout the course of the book, there was nothing that stopped or halted the flow which was quite refreshing. Being a student of Greek mythology myself, I loved the mythological touches in the book with the mythical Amazon and Kakodemons.The characters are extremely well developed along with their relationships and the characteristics they display are very believable and realistic. Once I started reading this book, having taken speed reading in college, I was able to enjoy it and finish it in record time while bumping into walls since I just could not put it down! Ha Ha. This book hooked me from page one and kept me on the edge of my seat with twists and turns I never saw coming and then they did, it was like an explosion of shock and wonder, it was magnificent! One a final note, this amazing book is wonderfully character driven instead of being plot or dialogue driven which makes it even more refreshing!

Reviewed for Eternal Books Reviews

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Sated by Truth Devour Book Review

This book was fantastic!!! I sincerely hope there is more for this series!! I would love to see where Talia's journey leads next. I laughed and cried so much in the same reading it completely wore me out, it was fantastic!! This book as with the last two was beautifully crafted from the characters to the storyline, the ups and downs Talia experienced with a bit of the mystical added in that is so much a part of who she is. The writing was beautiful and uniquely worded. Once again I absolutely loved the addition of the Australian words added in, they gave emphasis to the scenes and were so uniquely Talia that I was excited to hear them. After so long she has her soul mate and became happy after so many ups and downs. The ending was absolutely perfect and no less than I have to come to expect from this tremendously brilliant author! The scenes were perfect all the way through the book, just enough information to help the reader really visualize everything and yet, not too much as to be overdone. I am completely in love with Talia and Bohdi and their lives together. It has not been an easy road for them but it made them stronger, each setback or issue to be worked through or fought for, made them stronger. I do have to say I absolutely loved Mable and wish I had her in my life, she was such a beautiful angelic character and I instantly fell in love with her. I love how the relationship dynamics in the relationships Talia chose to keep close to her heart are still the same and yet different at the same time. It was all so very realistic. I truly hope this series becomes a series of movies or even a tv show, it would be perfect for it! Once again, thank you again to this wonderful author for sharing their talent with the world. You have a dedicated fan in me!!

Spinner of Yarns by Ray Dacolias Book Review

To start off with I will say that I couldn't really get into the first story but after that, I absolutely loved the rest of the short stories in the book! The stories each held clear messages that were intriguing and offered a different perspective in viewing each of the issues addressed in the stories. The author's stories address issues and characteristics that can be seen by some as taboo in polite speaking society but, one that need to be addressed in today's society none the less. There was minor editing issues in the first story but by far nothing that deterred me from reading and enjoying the stories. I personally put more stock into the content of an author's story than those who like to nit pit over little minor errors to the point where they miss the enjoyment to be had in the author's amazing stories and/or storyline. Even as short stories I could clearly see a great deal of thought and work went into the writing of this amazing book. It was exceptionally well written. The characters and story lines were brilliantly crafted. The messages, I felt, are pertinent to society today and were all very thought provoking. My middle school aged daughter read this book along with me and quickly caught onto the messages conveyed in each story and thought about each one in depth before going on to the next story. Each one had an impact on her that I could clearly see and at the end she also said, "WOW! That really made me see things differently and it was amazing!" There is no higher compliment from her. I am recommending this book to all of my friends and even some of my therapy clients as well! So, If you love amazing short stories that will really have you thinking and will make you see things differently that you might have otherwise, then you really need to read this amazing book! Thank you to the author for sharing his amazing talent and words with the world! This world would be vastly different without all wonderful authors and their amazing displays of creativity and knowledge in it.

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Chamelon In a Mirror by Ruth Nestvold Book Review

            This book fascinated me and had me feeling as if I really was living right alongside Billie and her new found friends in 17th century England. As a History and English literature major, I feel deeply in love with this book and all of the characters! I find myself searching old archives for every i can find on Aphra Behn, so fascinated am I with her and the time period as well as with her plays. I have always had a deep love for the language of the time. I sincerely want to live there in the book with Billie, to live in that amazing time period! It is clear this author has an amazing amount of knowledge with the time period, is extremely well written and writes the story in a beautifully unique and engaging way. The character development is absolutely perfect, as is the way she writes the plot/storyline. The characters are effectively described as are the scenes in such a way that made this read fall completely in love with them. The dialogue is magnificent, each character speaks distinctly in such a way that I could hear their dialect, accent and diction throughout and that is in and of itself hard to accomplish but, this amazing author did it and magnificently! The descriptions are creatively unique and realistic and clearly on a level all their own. I will actively seek out an autographed copy of this book from the author to purchase and cherish for years to come. This amazing book has move me that much and I could not help but burst into tears by the end. I was so incredibly moved by it.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a magnificent book that will make you experience a myriad of emotions, warm your heart and soul, then leave a lasting impression on you as on of the greatest reads of this century!

Wantin by Truth Devour Book Review

Meet Talia Jacobs, a young woman who has suffered great loss at a young age who was raised by her loving aunt and uncle and their family. As she matures she finds out that she is independently wealthy. She decides to leave after falling in love with one she knows she can't have and who deserves to be loved by one who can love him back, a love that is not forbidden. Talia sets out on a journey of self-discovery while at the same time endlessly searching to fill the void in her own soul and life. She meets a myriad of characters along her way, touching each of their lives in unexpected ways as they touch hers in turn. Then she happens upon a Gypsy who will set her on a path to what she seeks.
Let me start off by saying this book was fantastic! Written in the first person, it drew me right in from the start and made me feel every emotion, see every scene clearly as if I was right there with Talia on her roller coaster ride of adventures in her life. this author has an amazing writing ability that is very unique and is very well written. The character development of everyone we meet is outstanding! The plot/storyline was intriguing and engaging as well as being very realistic as it drew me right in and kept me on the edge of my seat just waiting to see what would come next for Talia, a beautiful person with a selfless heart of gold. She hates to hurt others and tries to do what is best for everyone around her while constantly searching to fill the void in her own soul. The descriptive nature of the scenes and characters are perfect, giving the reader just enough to feel he or she is in the story with Talia but not too much as to be overwritten. At the conclusion of this book, this reader wanted just one more page to the story! I was completely hooked and anxiously can't wait to read the next book in the series to see what is next for Talia, this book is just that amazing! I will recommend it to all of my friends to read!

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Authors, Donations, attendees and Swag needed for a great Giveaway event on Oct. 11-12, 2014

This is an amazing event designed to showcase authors and their work through a great giveaway with author takeovers and donations for rafflecopter giveaway. The event is on facebook at: Click HERE TO GO TO EVENT PAGE! The event is hosted by an awesome page, one of my own favorites in fact. 

Are you an author, want more exposure for your books, or have some swag to give away then make sure you join this event and for the authors please go to: CLICK HERE TO GO TO AUTHOR SIGN UP FORM ! The more authors they get and the more people you invite, the more magnificent this event will be! Please sign up and help out a fellow individual and book supporter in our industry and in turn, help yourself generate sales and reviews for your books!

The event will be held on October 11 and 12th!!!

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Aine: An Undead Girl Novel Part One and Part Two by Mark Mackey~ Book Review-15 stars out of 20 in my book!

My Book Review of Part One and Part Two:

I read Parts 1 and 2 and absolutely loved, loved both of these books!!! The story telling is absolutely unique, the supernatural characters are amazing and yet very realistic! I loved the length of both parts as well, the longer the better, for me anyway. I fell in love with Aine right away from her polite gentle nature to her bad ass vampire one. I love strong characters such as her. And the mystery and suspense kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through both parts, I had to read them both in one sitting which was around 12 hours of reading but, oh, completely worth it! This amazing, well written author took me on a journey of epic proportions that I will soon not forget and that others will have a hard time beating! I recommend this book to anyone who loves a great novel, loves the supernatural and paranormal along with mystery and suspense and is ready for one heck of a ride by the seat of  their pants! These books are going to leave you wanting to read so much more from this amazing and talented author with a gift for character development, plot, and story line as well as maintaining the continuity of it all! A definite must read! If amazon would have let me I would give it 15 stars!! The first time I have ever found a book worth that many!! If you have not read part one and two, well, what the heck are you waiting for? Get them today! I guarantee, it will be one of the best reads of your life!

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The Evolution of Sam by Cassidy O'Connor Book Review-10 Stars

This book was magnificent! I absolutely loved it and thank the author sincerely for allowing me the pleasure of reading it! I was sucked right into the storyline from the beginning of the book and it more than held my interest until the very end and still I wanted so much more! I loved Sam and Mistress Keara! Her abilities as well as the complex nature of emotions the author adequately described for her were realistic and amazing!

Character development was very well done. The plot was built up quite nicely and the scenes and character dialogue had just enough description to make it realistic and easily visualized with the mind but, not so much as to be overwritten.

Overall, I was shocked that this was the author's debut book because it was so well written, I could have sworn it was written by a best selling author! I give it 10 stars myself instead of the usual 5! I was so jealous of Keara and wanted her abilities and powers myself! LOL! This is a terrific, engaging, and witty read! I highly recommend it to lovers of romance, comedy, and paranormal, all expertly mixed into one marvelous story!

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Awesome New 5 Star Review on Burn My Soul: Part I: Revised by Holly Newhouse and Editor Toni

Awesome new 5 star review on my book: Burn My Soul: Part I-Revised edition! whoo hooo!

Review by: Toni Michelle on Sep. 25, 2014 :
“…hotter than two squirrels making love in a wool sock.”
Ever have the feeling of déjà vu and wondered why? Jinny does, and soon she will find out it’s for good reason. She is a reincarnate of herself from centuries ago. Her sweet dreams have become that of nightmares ever since she met the man from those very dreams, who happens to be her soul mate from all those years ago. Unfortunately for Jinny, he is a demon and even worse, she is being tormented by Satan himself.
I am flabbergasted! Truly I am! The story is absolutely amazing! There is just the perfect amount of mystery and detail to keep you begging for more. Xavier is my favorite demon. I think its his power of illusion that gets me all excited for him. And Jinny is my favorite character all together. She is one bad *ss woman! I must say though, Franklin is HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT! This is a must read!






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a Dead Red Cadillac by RP Dahlke Book Review--10 Stars!

A Dead Red Cadillac by RP Dahlke Book Review:

This book was an amazing fast paced read and had me hooked from chapter one! Lalla Bains, Ex Model and now Ag Pilot for her dad's company is realistic, likable, strong, wise-cracking sleuth!  Running her business for her father in Modesto, California, you go on a fast-paced mystery driven journey that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end and still leaves you wanting more of Lalla's story! This author has a wonderful gift for plot, action, mystery and is very well written. You will fall in love with Lalla as the book pulls you right into the story for the ride of your life and you will experience a roller coaster of emotions right along with her especially when her '58 Cadillac is found upside down in a lake and with a passenger inside. Be prepared for an amazing trip through the story of this book. I had to read this all in one setting, I just could not put it down!
The character development and story line are fantastic! The dialogue is extremely realistic with unique situations. Overall, this read was fabulous! It kept me on the edge of my seat with mystery, fun, and lovable eccentric characters, all so incredibly believable that you will wonder where this amazing author came up with her story! I definitely give it 10 stars instead of the usual five, it deserves it and then some!

Mastered by K.L. Silver- Book Review

Mastered by K.L. Silver

Book Description:

MASTERED, The Novel explores the D/s in BDSM.

It does so through the eyes - and hearts - of James Colton and Missy Weaver: Demanding Dominant and reluctant submissive, respectively.

Neither can resist the unpredictable collision of souls borne of a shared nature - and a mutual deviance.

Terrified of being labelled ’deviant’, Missy buries her true nature deep within her. She understood from an early age that she was 'different' from the other girls. Fundamentally different. While they dreamed of making sweet love under moonlit skies - her fantasies were of a decidedly ‘other’ stripe.

Troubled and alone, she fashions an unfulfilling but socially ‘acceptable’ half-life, where she exists in militant self-denial.

That is, until fate intervenes…

Thrust unexpectedly into the world of BDSM, Missy is shocked and confused when, for the first time - she feels whole.

And home…

The extremely Dominant James Colton not only tears the clothes from her body, but the blinders from her eyes as well. Now, after a lifetime of dedicated denial, her secrets are strewn - exposed to the glaring light of consciousness. Of a sudden, her carefully constructed one-size-fits-all existence chafes relentlessly!

Yet, in a judgmental society where any deviation from the straight and narrow is frowned upon, Missy wavers. Wracked with shame and doubt, she forces herself to re-enter mainstream society – and fails in spectacular fashion!

Is she able to turn her back on the ‘forbidden’ world of Domination and submission that seems to soothe her very soul? Can she force Pandora’s Box to close once the lid is ripped from it?

Just when she is sure that all is lost – the impossible happens.

While MASTERED daringly depicts the ‘mechanics’ of a Dominant/submissive relationship, it also delves into the rarely addressed psychology behind this oft-misunderstood 'alternative lifestyle'.
Told with passion and humor from both perspectives, you - the reader - get a rare glimpse into the inner workings of each and an unprecedented peek into the veiled realm of BDSM. You will come to know and care about these 3-dimensional, multi-faceted characters.

And finally, you will know the truth...

The deliciously unorthodox love story sweeps you up in their whirlwind journey. The erotic excitement reaches its apex again and again, leaving the reader panting in anticipation. It entices you to peek around the next corner, and turn the next page - to find out exactly what - and who - comes next!

It is kicked up another notch by an unpredictable sub-plot, richly layered in imminent danger and intrigue.

In the end, MASTERED will have you begging for more!

My Review:

WOW!!! What can I say that the author has not already said in her description that gives it to you straight! This book was amazing to read!! It definitely left me wanting for more! This amazing author had me hooked from the first page! Not being greatly familiar with Doms and Subs, I wasn't sure what to expect but at least expected to go on a journey with James and Missy. Boy, was I wrong!! It was no journey, it was an epiphany!! It took me several days to finish this book and that's clearly not because I did not want to read it in one setting, I desperately did! It was because I had to force myself to take breaks, turning the fan on high and aimed at me while reading, I often feared I would expire from hot flashes of epic proportions!!! This book was just that HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

That being said, I impatiently could not wait to read the next section of the book from where I had to leave off each time I forced myself to put it down to take a break. I even dreamed of James and Missy and their relationship and that is something folks, I have never done before! This book drew me in that incredibly much, so much so in fact, that at times, I wanted to steal James from Missy myself!

For being a first time novel, I absolutely loved it! I just cannot say that enough! The characters were so realistic and complex that you cannot help but, want to be in their world with them. The plot was fascinating and draws you right in with its realistic nature and the amazing writing and choice of words used by the author are just outstanding!

Forgive me folks here if for the first time in my life, adequate words are escaping me on my review of this life altering and mind shattering book, I am still reeling not only due to the hotness factor but, due to the fact that I did not want it to end. I kept checking my table of contents to make sure I really had reached the very last page and yes, I DEFINITELY WANT MORE, SO MUCH MORE OF JAMES AND MISSY!!! I will impatiently wait to see what this amazing author brings next in their story and where she takes it. Will Missy earn her collar back or will she fail James in some way eliciting some delicious punishment? Sighs, I will have to sit on my hands and do my best to be patient to find out more and if not, who knows, maybe James Colton will show up at my door step .......sigh, I can only dream....  If you have not read this uber hot and amazing book yet, well get off your hinny and get it now!! This is one book that will definite leave you begging for so much more by the end!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shadow's Passion by Molle McGregor Book Review

Book Description:

He lived for vengeance, until he met her. Now he has to choose--revenge or love?

Exiled by her people after an accidental death, Celeste's power is so unstable the elegant Shadow healer is considered a deadly menace. Fifty years of isolation have left her a little lonely. And more than a little bored. When a nearby family falls victim to demon infection, she decides to go hunting. Without backup, it won't be long before the demons are hunting her.

A dangerous assassin, Gabe has better things to do than save a Shadow from her own reckless behavior. Like find the demon who killed his brother. Sure, the Shadow is gorgeous, alluring, and she needs his help. But he can't afford to get distracted. Everything changes the second he spies his brother's killer among the demons after Celeste. Now, nothing will tear him from her side.

Gabe is dangerous and secretive. He's also a skilled fighter and sexy as hell. Celeste knows better than to team up with a Warder, but she's not sure she cares. It's been a long dry spell since her exile. Neither of them expects their fling to turn into something more. But when Gabe's past catches up with him, he learns that his brother's murder was just the beginning. A new evil is rising, and its sights are set on Celeste. Now Gabe has to make a choice: revenge or love?

My Review:
This book was absolutely amazing! I fell in love with Celeste and Gabriel and sweet Fitz! This wonderful author and her story had me from the start, I could not put this book down until I was finished and now I cannot wait to read all of the books in this series!!! Fantastic, a true best seller for sure!! I want to meet Gabe, he's incredible as is Celeste for taming this bad boy! A fantastic read and I would recommend this book for anyone who loves to go on a roller coaster of emotions along with the characters in the story and be pulled right in to the point that you feel everything they are feeling and that in and of itself is the trademark of a great author! This is one book you don't want to miss out on! I know the rest of the series will be just as good as this one! I can't wait to read book one in this series!

Reaper's Rite Series by Dorothy Dreyer-Book Review

I will start by saying this book series is absolutely fantastic and I want to thank the Author for the privilege of letting me read both books! I'm trying to be patient in waiting for the third book lol! I read both of these books in one sitting all night long, I just could not put these down! The story and plot are unique and yet, very engaging. The books are very well written and I have to say I have fallen in love with Chase, Gavin, Zadie, Mara, Hunter, and Liluria! They have individually and as a group taken me on a roller coaster ride of events and emotions and I loved every second of it!

 I just can't tell you all just how much I love this author, her unique way with words and wonderful worlds she's created with her creative gift from God!!! There is so much more I deeply want to say but, at the same time can't or I will ruin the story for you by writing so many spoilers so, in essence I can say that you want to read this book!!!

This is a young adult book but, as a 38 year old mother of 5, I can say that even at my age, I loved, loved, loved these two books! The series is magnificent and should be on the best sellers list!! I encourage you, no matter your age to read these books you will fall in love and will be left wanting so much more from this amazing author just as I do! I will be keeping a close eye on this author and her books to come so I can read more of her fantastic world and stories that will pull you right in, making you feel as if you are really there with the characters and living their lives with them! So, Don't hesitate! Get these books today!

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Unrequited-One Girl, Thirteen boyfriends, and Vodka-Book Review

This book is definitely in a class all of its own. I could relate to the story having lived through the age of the main female character myself. The journey she takes is easy to relate to either in our own lives or having heard about it in a friend's life. This book describes the real world where men are no longer the gentlemen they were in the 50's and women are no longer the quiet, shy, stay at home housewives of the same era.

Walk side by side with the main character, January as she experiences emotions all women have faced at one time or another and as she tries to find an acceptable balance concerning her self-esteem, what her morals truly are, and what character she will be or play when she walks out the door. Walk with her as she wades through the worst of the worst men to finally find the one worth all of the turmoil she had to fight against just to find....him, Mr. right for her.

A great read I highly recommend to others!

Purchase this Book on Amazon Today!

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Ok followers, I have to talk about the book series, this video is about! It's called the Dark Secrets Series by A.M. Hudson. Yes, I am an obsessed fan for sure and proud to admit it! I have read this series 43 times and counting! I can't get enough of the world of Vampire David, his soul Mate Ara and her other short time love, Jase. The book is based in Australia as is the Author and her way of writing this book is so amazing and engaging to the reader, you really will swear you are watching the movie in your head as you read and not only that, you will actually feel what each of the characters are feeling at any given time in the books!!!  The books in the series pull you right in from the first paragraph of the first book. It is a paranormal romance between a vampire and the broken human girl he falls in love with but, that's not all, no way, there are so many twists and turns that you will never see coming! It is these twists and turns that will have you wanting to read the whole series in one setting and yearning for one more page, just one more page, or book for that matter!

AM Hudson's Dark Secrets Series has a huge following, me included and we all hope that it becomes a movie as it will far surpass those made such as Twilight or Vampire Academy. As long as the producers stay true to the books, this series would be a franchise talked about for centuries, IT'S JUST THAT GOOD!

 So peeps, if you have not read this series, get your butts onto your favorite ebook or paperback bookstore sight and pick up the first book in this amazing series by A.M. Hudson!!! Take my word for it, once you start reading it, you will become just as obsessed by the truly magnificent and creative writings of AM Hudson as I am!!! Don't take my word for it, just watch the above Book Trailer and if that doesn't convince you to read it then you have no idea what true magnificence really is!!!

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Prayers for the Children of the Single Mother: Angels in my Arms by Judy Matthews


Book Description:

Take an emotional journey with a self-motivated faith filled woman charged beyond the reach of faith. No matter how her heart broke, she kept God so powerfully close to her soul continuing to thank God praising him knowing he will never leaving her side. My story takes you to a adrenaline message...“Single Mothers" learn from my mistakes". A true life story, this book will fill every part of you, for in your hands will be a life story for every single Mother or Father who will do anything with the faith of God leaning so heavy for the light each day when giving up was not a choice. Keeping my faith strong as I continued to follow Gods will, always holding my children together as a family. They never left my side. My three little angels I was so proud. Reading this story will touch any Parents heart.

My Review:

I walked with this beautiful faithfilled woman on a emotional roller coaster, on the journey that was her life. I had to read this book twice as Judy Matthews bears her heart and her very soul to the world. The book is raw, inspiring, motivational, and for me, being a single mother myself of disabled children, I really took the author's words to heart, I cried with her and felt every emotion she experienced as she wrote this book. I can't think of another book that's more powerful, inspirational or motivational for single mothers. As a victim traumatologist, I plan to recommend this book to all of the young single mother's I work with. It is just that valuable! I give it 10 stars and encourage everyone to read it, single mother or not!

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Chelsea's Birthday Bash Giveaway hosted by Sizzling Book Blog!!

Chelsea's Birthday Bash Giveaway hosted by Sizzling Book Blog

Chelsea is turning the big 3-0 and is celebrating with fun and prizes on Sizzling Book Blog!
This is one party full of fun that you won't want to miss!

There is going to be prizes and giveaways by many, many amazing authors!

Coming Soon in February 2014

Soul to Burn: Part I by Holly Newhouse Book Excerpts

Book Excerpt #1

BACK STRAIGHT, arms swinging at her side, whistling her favorite tune, Jinny headed outside to check on her adopted sister Madi, baking in her bikini in the Beverly Hills sun.
"Hey Madi! There's a new club opening on the strip tonight, wanna go?" Her carefree voice carried over the gentle breeze.
Trickles of sweat traveled a path down her long slender back from her neck, also traveling down to pool between her voluptuous breasts under her spaghetti strapped white sun dress in the heat.
She's going to be the poster child for skin cancer by the time she's 35, the way she keeps falling asleep out here on her chaise lounge once again.
Jinny sighed heavily, running her hand down her face, walking with a heavy stride to once again wake Madi up from her slumber, the moment her eyes fell upon the slumbering girl.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, goosebumps popped up on her flawless tanned skin, her heart began to beat an erratic tempo as her sweaty palms trembled. She felt an insane hint of evil in the air, growing immensely stronger as she reached her sister's side. Her eyes rapidly searched for the source, yet seeing nothing out of the ordinary.
Leaning over, she reached out grabbing Madi's shoulder, jerking her hand back to her chest, gasping aloud. Skin that should have been hot to the touch felt as cold as if kissed by death's embrace. Her arms fell only to grip and release the dress, swallowing quickly, she felt as if time had slowed down.
(She can't be dead, she just can't be! Oh God, what if the killer is still here? I have to get her inside right now! I can feel him watching me, most likely enjoying his handiwork.....No! focus on Madi and getting her inside the house first, freak out later, Jinny! ) (facebook wont let me put this in italics to show its her thoughts, sorry)
Feeling as if she was being closely watched, the skin between her shoulder blades burned as if the skin itself has been set on fire. Her eyes rapidly flew from side to side, her body tensely turning in a slow motion circle, her head slowly moving to look in each direction, searching her surroundings again as adrenaline flooded her veins.
She saw nothing unusual but, the feelings would not go away, only intensified.
Wait a minute! What the hell is that?
Her mouth fell agape, staring incredulously with wide eyes, she saw what appeared to be long black hair flying in mid air at the top of the border wall before it quickly disappeared.
She was torn, her body prepared to chase after whatever the hell that was, or who that was, and her mind screaming at her to get Madi and herself, back inside the sanctuary of Madi's mansion.

Book Excerpt #2

Heavy masculine footsteps suddenly sound behind me, further back in the hall, they're gaining on me. I want to glance over my shoulder, I'm afraid to see the monster my mind has conjured up.

Legs trembling from exertion are pushed past the point of no return, arms raised in front of me, nearly pull the front door off its hinges as I run past it, to the freedom outside, at the same, time not understanding why the house alarm didn't go off.

Reaching the circular concrete driveway, I feel the overwhelming oppressive air of the outdoors coursing through my burning, oxygen starved lungs, my desert dry mouth and throat are even more parched. I hesitate briefly, deciding which way to run for help.

Leading off with my right foot I go, ignoring the pain in my body, screaming bloody murder when silent, strong, and muscular arms wrap around my waist. My struggles, seem like those of a child as I'm immediately pulled forcefully backward into a hard, muscular body.
No way in Hellfire! Like a hellcat, I immediately struggle even harder to get free, knowing Madi's life and mine depend upon it!

I suck in a sharp breath, body tensing as I realize he's trapped my arms at my sides. I scream,
"Let me go right now, or you'll be sorry!" I try to make myself sound larger than I am, more menacing while silently, I'm praying he'll loosen his arms so I can scratch his eyes out and run! I'm afraid Madi's already dead, at the hands of the other intruder.


Coming in September 2014!! Book 2 of my Soul Series

My newest book, Burn My Soul: Part II of the 9 book soul series will be available in September 2014! Read below for an excerpt from this new paranormal romance book:

He was greeted by a fearful yet stunning sight.
I'm floating angrily twenty feet off the ground. A reddish-golden glow outlines my body. My arms are angrily crossed saying, stay the hell away from me or you will get hurt! I'm dressed in a red sundress. It's the only thing I could find to wear.
Franklin noticed immediately that Jinny's glowing pearlescent eyes changed to have not a red center but, a deep dragon jade green one. That's not what has him suddenly fearful as he stood there on the beach. It's the wild, out of control, lightning storm that raged all around her yet did not harm her that worried him most.
Hellfire! She looks like an avenging pissed off Goddess. I don't know whether to talk to her or stay silent at this moment.
It didn't matter what he did as in a split second, he was jerked right out of his thought and back to reality. His ass feels like it's literally on fire!
Twisting at the waist, he glances down at his ass when he now felt a strong breeze over an area of skin that was seconds before, covered.
What in hellfire? There's a huge hole in the seat of his jeans, scorched all the way around the outer edges. His bare ass is now hanging out in the elements for all to see.
Franklin inhaled sharply, his eyes quickly narrowed and turned crimson.
"Why you little shit! You actually just struck my ass with lightning! Thank the Almighty, it didn't harm me, being a nightmare demon and all!" He takes a couple of deep angry breaths.
"Dammit woman! If you wanted to see my lovely ass, you only had to ask instead, you just ruined my favorite pair of jeans!" No matter how much he tried to calm himself down, he had adrenaline rushing through his veins, along with his deep seated anger, and now she pissed off his inner demon.
Franklin's inner demon is determined to dominate her and make her submit to him right then and there. The only problem was that he knows how she is one hell of a challenge and smells so damn heavenly. His inner demon scents the half demon within his wife.
"Don't play coy with me, Franklin Senefru Zakaria! Not only did you risk my life by turning me into a half demon, you spelled me into a deep sleep, you....asshole! Then, of all things, you just left me here to go through the transformation all alone!" My voice reverberates across the sky as loud and as deep as ominous thunder claps.
I'm so damn angry right now, without thinking, I manipulate the next bolt of lightning and have it land a mere foot from Franklin's toes.
Franklin jumped back a few feet, swore and cussed under his breath. "Damn woman. I'm going to take pleasure in putting her over my knee and blister her ass like the naughty, misbehaved child she's acting like."
I completely ignore my husband's mumblings as I thrive on this sensation of being completely out of control. It's a first for me and I find I really, really like it. I wonderful why I never cut loose before in my human life, what an idiot I was!
"Don't make me punish your cute little ass woman! I will enjoy making you scream to high heaven as you submit to me woman!" He yells at me, his tone wickedly demonic as he turns away from me.
It's a very defiant move and clearly tells me to kiss his ass, the ornery shit. It's right then that I realize I'm not dealing with my husband but with his inner demon, Senefru. The thought turns me on.
I have to admit his ass does look sexy hanging out of the hole in his jeans. I'll have to make sure he keeps those. Mmm Hmm. I'm not done yet, as I have one more trick up my sleeve. I see it in my mind's eye as I strengthen my shields.
Hearing a zap then a clink sound, as the latest lightning bolt hits his belt buckle precisely, destroying it. I laugh with malevolent glee as his pants drops to his knees.
The sight is so entertaining that I can't hold back my wicked laughter any longer. The more I laugh, the more I begin to calm down, thinking I have punished my sexy demon's body enough for now.

The Life She Didn't Take by Marie Knepp

Book Review: 5 Stars +

Book Description:

Seraphine has walked these streets time and time again. Centuries of loneliness have her drowning in despair. But on this night when she means to end it all, she meets someone that intrigues her. Is this a chance encounter or destiny? Can an ageless vampire truly find happiness with a mere human?

My Review:

I absolutely loved this book! It pulled me right in from the start and kept me there. When I got to the last page, I wanted so much more and kept begging my kindle to give me just one more page!!! Can't wait to hear more of Seraphine's story, loved this!! I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves vampire stories!!! 

Dark Legion (Blood of Blood Series)

Book Review: 5 Stars +

Book Description:
Once a Prince, now a slave. Once a torturer, now a liberator. But still his transformation is nowhere near complete...

Saul Baz Sharmoun has been holding onto something lost to many of his fellow slaves: hope and a desire for justice. A fire was set ablaze within him, growing brighter with each of the twelve years since the Emperor slaughtered his family, and he knows the time to escape his shackles - and to free his people - is now. With his hunger for retribution fueling him, Saul begins an epic journey, searching for his brother and looking to rebuild a world that would allow the crown in his family's name to rise from the ashes.

But the road to justice is never a straight one. Saul and the uncertain allies fighting alongside him find themselves up against a much greater enemy than they could have imagined. If he is to emerge victorious, he must fan the flames in his heart, and never allow himself to forget that he will stop at nothing to see this matter how much blood must be spilled along the way.

My Review:

This book was amazing! It drew me right in from the start and kept me there until the last page and then left me wanting for so much more! My favorite kind of book!