Thursday, February 4, 2016

Book Review: Wickedness by Steph Christina


Once again Steph Christina has outdone herself with her amazing ability to tell a story and in her unique way of writing.
Reading it was like a breath of fresh air and very realistic fiction. It was easy to visualize all of the scenes, background setting, and dialogue throughout. The storyline was amazingly complex and full of twists and turns this professional reviewer never saw coming. The character development is fascinating and complex as well. That truly takes true talent to accomplish. I was drawn right into the story from page one and it refused to let me go until I had read it all in one sitting, not able to put it down for a second. I would love to live in this world Author Christina has created!! I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages who love the paranomal, mythological, and who also love a story that can grip you and hold you in it while it takes you on the ride of your life with many twists and turns. This book is on sale at for 99 cents at  PURCHASE ON AMAZON FOR 99 CENTS

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