Journey to Hell and Back

"A Magnificent Read....5/5 Stars" by Jen Hodgell
          I read this book from beginning to end without stopping. I now understand, why I've had the blessing to be introduced to this very brave,courageous woman. Holly, you are a true inspiration and show me that perseverance and love will always win. I love you girl. So much of your story matches my own that I feel so much more closer to you.

"A Testimony of Survival....5/5 Stars" By Author Josephine Harwood
        This true story had my jaw dropping more than once. The writer holds nothing back, and she doesn’t sugar-coat anything. This author has willingly left herself raw and exposed on many different levels at many different stages of her life. She puts you “right there” next to her, and you can feel everything she’s going through. This is an amazing story written by an equally amazing woman!

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