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Ok followers, I have to talk about the book series, this video is about! It's called the Dark Secrets Series by A.M. Hudson. Yes, I am an obsessed fan for sure and proud to admit it! I have read this series 43 times and counting! I can't get enough of the world of Vampire David, his soul Mate Ara and her other short time love, Jase. The book is based in Australia as is the Author and her way of writing this book is so amazing and engaging to the reader, you really will swear you are watching the movie in your head as you read and not only that, you will actually feel what each of the characters are feeling at any given time in the books!!!  The books in the series pull you right in from the first paragraph of the first book. It is a paranormal romance between a vampire and the broken human girl he falls in love with but, that's not all, no way, there are so many twists and turns that you will never see coming! It is these twists and turns that will have you wanting to read the whole series in one setting and yearning for one more page, just one more page, or book for that matter!

AM Hudson's Dark Secrets Series has a huge following, me included and we all hope that it becomes a movie as it will far surpass those made such as Twilight or Vampire Academy. As long as the producers stay true to the books, this series would be a franchise talked about for centuries, IT'S JUST THAT GOOD!

 So peeps, if you have not read this series, get your butts onto your favorite ebook or paperback bookstore sight and pick up the first book in this amazing series by A.M. Hudson!!! Take my word for it, once you start reading it, you will become just as obsessed by the truly magnificent and creative writings of AM Hudson as I am!!! Don't take my word for it, just watch the above Book Trailer and if that doesn't convince you to read it then you have no idea what true magnificence really is!!!

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Prayers for the Children of the Single Mother: Angels in my Arms by Judy Matthews


Book Description:

Take an emotional journey with a self-motivated faith filled woman charged beyond the reach of faith. No matter how her heart broke, she kept God so powerfully close to her soul continuing to thank God praising him knowing he will never leaving her side. My story takes you to a adrenaline message...“Single Mothers" learn from my mistakes". A true life story, this book will fill every part of you, for in your hands will be a life story for every single Mother or Father who will do anything with the faith of God leaning so heavy for the light each day when giving up was not a choice. Keeping my faith strong as I continued to follow Gods will, always holding my children together as a family. They never left my side. My three little angels I was so proud. Reading this story will touch any Parents heart.

My Review:

I walked with this beautiful faithfilled woman on a emotional roller coaster, on the journey that was her life. I had to read this book twice as Judy Matthews bears her heart and her very soul to the world. The book is raw, inspiring, motivational, and for me, being a single mother myself of disabled children, I really took the author's words to heart, I cried with her and felt every emotion she experienced as she wrote this book. I can't think of another book that's more powerful, inspirational or motivational for single mothers. As a victim traumatologist, I plan to recommend this book to all of the young single mother's I work with. It is just that valuable! I give it 10 stars and encourage everyone to read it, single mother or not!

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Chelsea's Birthday Bash Giveaway hosted by Sizzling Book Blog!!

Chelsea's Birthday Bash Giveaway hosted by Sizzling Book Blog

Chelsea is turning the big 3-0 and is celebrating with fun and prizes on Sizzling Book Blog!
This is one party full of fun that you won't want to miss!

There is going to be prizes and giveaways by many, many amazing authors!

Coming Soon in February 2014

Soul to Burn: Part I by Holly Newhouse Book Excerpts

Book Excerpt #1

BACK STRAIGHT, arms swinging at her side, whistling her favorite tune, Jinny headed outside to check on her adopted sister Madi, baking in her bikini in the Beverly Hills sun.
"Hey Madi! There's a new club opening on the strip tonight, wanna go?" Her carefree voice carried over the gentle breeze.
Trickles of sweat traveled a path down her long slender back from her neck, also traveling down to pool between her voluptuous breasts under her spaghetti strapped white sun dress in the heat.
She's going to be the poster child for skin cancer by the time she's 35, the way she keeps falling asleep out here on her chaise lounge once again.
Jinny sighed heavily, running her hand down her face, walking with a heavy stride to once again wake Madi up from her slumber, the moment her eyes fell upon the slumbering girl.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, goosebumps popped up on her flawless tanned skin, her heart began to beat an erratic tempo as her sweaty palms trembled. She felt an insane hint of evil in the air, growing immensely stronger as she reached her sister's side. Her eyes rapidly searched for the source, yet seeing nothing out of the ordinary.
Leaning over, she reached out grabbing Madi's shoulder, jerking her hand back to her chest, gasping aloud. Skin that should have been hot to the touch felt as cold as if kissed by death's embrace. Her arms fell only to grip and release the dress, swallowing quickly, she felt as if time had slowed down.
(She can't be dead, she just can't be! Oh God, what if the killer is still here? I have to get her inside right now! I can feel him watching me, most likely enjoying his handiwork.....No! focus on Madi and getting her inside the house first, freak out later, Jinny! ) (facebook wont let me put this in italics to show its her thoughts, sorry)
Feeling as if she was being closely watched, the skin between her shoulder blades burned as if the skin itself has been set on fire. Her eyes rapidly flew from side to side, her body tensely turning in a slow motion circle, her head slowly moving to look in each direction, searching her surroundings again as adrenaline flooded her veins.
She saw nothing unusual but, the feelings would not go away, only intensified.
Wait a minute! What the hell is that?
Her mouth fell agape, staring incredulously with wide eyes, she saw what appeared to be long black hair flying in mid air at the top of the border wall before it quickly disappeared.
She was torn, her body prepared to chase after whatever the hell that was, or who that was, and her mind screaming at her to get Madi and herself, back inside the sanctuary of Madi's mansion.

Book Excerpt #2

Heavy masculine footsteps suddenly sound behind me, further back in the hall, they're gaining on me. I want to glance over my shoulder, I'm afraid to see the monster my mind has conjured up.

Legs trembling from exertion are pushed past the point of no return, arms raised in front of me, nearly pull the front door off its hinges as I run past it, to the freedom outside, at the same, time not understanding why the house alarm didn't go off.

Reaching the circular concrete driveway, I feel the overwhelming oppressive air of the outdoors coursing through my burning, oxygen starved lungs, my desert dry mouth and throat are even more parched. I hesitate briefly, deciding which way to run for help.

Leading off with my right foot I go, ignoring the pain in my body, screaming bloody murder when silent, strong, and muscular arms wrap around my waist. My struggles, seem like those of a child as I'm immediately pulled forcefully backward into a hard, muscular body.
No way in Hellfire! Like a hellcat, I immediately struggle even harder to get free, knowing Madi's life and mine depend upon it!

I suck in a sharp breath, body tensing as I realize he's trapped my arms at my sides. I scream,
"Let me go right now, or you'll be sorry!" I try to make myself sound larger than I am, more menacing while silently, I'm praying he'll loosen his arms so I can scratch his eyes out and run! I'm afraid Madi's already dead, at the hands of the other intruder.


Coming in September 2014!! Book 2 of my Soul Series

My newest book, Burn My Soul: Part II of the 9 book soul series will be available in September 2014! Read below for an excerpt from this new paranormal romance book:

He was greeted by a fearful yet stunning sight.
I'm floating angrily twenty feet off the ground. A reddish-golden glow outlines my body. My arms are angrily crossed saying, stay the hell away from me or you will get hurt! I'm dressed in a red sundress. It's the only thing I could find to wear.
Franklin noticed immediately that Jinny's glowing pearlescent eyes changed to have not a red center but, a deep dragon jade green one. That's not what has him suddenly fearful as he stood there on the beach. It's the wild, out of control, lightning storm that raged all around her yet did not harm her that worried him most.
Hellfire! She looks like an avenging pissed off Goddess. I don't know whether to talk to her or stay silent at this moment.
It didn't matter what he did as in a split second, he was jerked right out of his thought and back to reality. His ass feels like it's literally on fire!
Twisting at the waist, he glances down at his ass when he now felt a strong breeze over an area of skin that was seconds before, covered.
What in hellfire? There's a huge hole in the seat of his jeans, scorched all the way around the outer edges. His bare ass is now hanging out in the elements for all to see.
Franklin inhaled sharply, his eyes quickly narrowed and turned crimson.
"Why you little shit! You actually just struck my ass with lightning! Thank the Almighty, it didn't harm me, being a nightmare demon and all!" He takes a couple of deep angry breaths.
"Dammit woman! If you wanted to see my lovely ass, you only had to ask instead, you just ruined my favorite pair of jeans!" No matter how much he tried to calm himself down, he had adrenaline rushing through his veins, along with his deep seated anger, and now she pissed off his inner demon.
Franklin's inner demon is determined to dominate her and make her submit to him right then and there. The only problem was that he knows how she is one hell of a challenge and smells so damn heavenly. His inner demon scents the half demon within his wife.
"Don't play coy with me, Franklin Senefru Zakaria! Not only did you risk my life by turning me into a half demon, you spelled me into a deep sleep, you....asshole! Then, of all things, you just left me here to go through the transformation all alone!" My voice reverberates across the sky as loud and as deep as ominous thunder claps.
I'm so damn angry right now, without thinking, I manipulate the next bolt of lightning and have it land a mere foot from Franklin's toes.
Franklin jumped back a few feet, swore and cussed under his breath. "Damn woman. I'm going to take pleasure in putting her over my knee and blister her ass like the naughty, misbehaved child she's acting like."
I completely ignore my husband's mumblings as I thrive on this sensation of being completely out of control. It's a first for me and I find I really, really like it. I wonderful why I never cut loose before in my human life, what an idiot I was!
"Don't make me punish your cute little ass woman! I will enjoy making you scream to high heaven as you submit to me woman!" He yells at me, his tone wickedly demonic as he turns away from me.
It's a very defiant move and clearly tells me to kiss his ass, the ornery shit. It's right then that I realize I'm not dealing with my husband but with his inner demon, Senefru. The thought turns me on.
I have to admit his ass does look sexy hanging out of the hole in his jeans. I'll have to make sure he keeps those. Mmm Hmm. I'm not done yet, as I have one more trick up my sleeve. I see it in my mind's eye as I strengthen my shields.
Hearing a zap then a clink sound, as the latest lightning bolt hits his belt buckle precisely, destroying it. I laugh with malevolent glee as his pants drops to his knees.
The sight is so entertaining that I can't hold back my wicked laughter any longer. The more I laugh, the more I begin to calm down, thinking I have punished my sexy demon's body enough for now.

The Life She Didn't Take by Marie Knepp

Book Review: 5 Stars +

Book Description:

Seraphine has walked these streets time and time again. Centuries of loneliness have her drowning in despair. But on this night when she means to end it all, she meets someone that intrigues her. Is this a chance encounter or destiny? Can an ageless vampire truly find happiness with a mere human?

My Review:

I absolutely loved this book! It pulled me right in from the start and kept me there. When I got to the last page, I wanted so much more and kept begging my kindle to give me just one more page!!! Can't wait to hear more of Seraphine's story, loved this!! I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves vampire stories!!! 

Dark Legion (Blood of Blood Series)

Book Review: 5 Stars +

Book Description:
Once a Prince, now a slave. Once a torturer, now a liberator. But still his transformation is nowhere near complete...

Saul Baz Sharmoun has been holding onto something lost to many of his fellow slaves: hope and a desire for justice. A fire was set ablaze within him, growing brighter with each of the twelve years since the Emperor slaughtered his family, and he knows the time to escape his shackles - and to free his people - is now. With his hunger for retribution fueling him, Saul begins an epic journey, searching for his brother and looking to rebuild a world that would allow the crown in his family's name to rise from the ashes.

But the road to justice is never a straight one. Saul and the uncertain allies fighting alongside him find themselves up against a much greater enemy than they could have imagined. If he is to emerge victorious, he must fan the flames in his heart, and never allow himself to forget that he will stop at nothing to see this done...no matter how much blood must be spilled along the way.

My Review:

This book was amazing! It drew me right in from the start and kept me there until the last page and then left me wanting for so much more! My favorite kind of book! 

Demonspawn Academy by DJ Liamson


Book Review: 10 Stars!

 Book Description: 
Chance Bane wakes up with no memories of who he is and soon finds out he's been engineered to become a demon hunter.

On his first mission with Demonspawn Academy, he's tasked with charting a topography of Hell, assuming he can find an entrance to Hell first. He's assigned to fellow demon hunter Riley Than, and when his emotions are super charged from demon hunting on their first mission, Chance experiences feelings he didn't know he had.

How will Chance deal with his burgeoning sexuality, while dealing with his memory loss, while trying to figure out how to become the best demon hunter he can be?

My Review:
I absolutely loved this book! It drew me right in from the start! The plot and interaction between the characters was amazing!! Cannot wait to read book 2!!! A 10 star book!

Innocence Lost by Helen Johnston

Book Review: 10 Stars!
Just finished reading innocence lost and I have to say wow!!! I love it! this book is the next 50 shades of grey to me! I laughed, cried, yelled, and even screamed and almost threw my reader a few times while reading the book...It was absolutely magnificent! A definite must read for vampire lovers! cannot wait to read the next book! This author and her book are definately in a wonderful class of their own!

Empathy by Josephine Harwood Review

Book Review: 10 Stars!
First of all, I absolutely love the mention of Gemini and the band member and how it ties in to Starview, Texas in the book Dark Secrets! When I saw those parts, I relived Dark Secrets in my head as if I was watching a well loved movie! Truly perfect hon! I ran the myriad of emotions with this wonderful book! The scenes are so realistic and descriptive that I honestly felt I was living Delilah's life and not just watching a movie in my head as I read it! I felt and experienced every emotion Delilah did! I honestly could not put it down and neither could my sister who has cancer. Having been a caregiver myself, I could tell this was written from experience and from Jospehine's heart and that just made it all the more realistic, enchanting, and kept me reading it all in one sitting from beginning to end, not able to put it down for one second! I could really relate to the book in more ways than one.
Josephine Harwood is definately an author to watch! She is going to be the next #1 Best selling author of all time, I have no doubt about that! Thank you so much for your wonderful talent you have shared with the world! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Fallen Angel by Patricia Puddle Review

Book Review: 5 Stars
This book was absolutely amazing! It drew me in right from the start and had me hanging on to the edge of my seat until the very end! Well written, it's characters are realistic in so many ways and the scenes are so well written that you don't just see images in your head, you are right there in the book with the characters!

The Kohinoor (Quick Flick Series) Review

 Book Review: 5 Stars +
I absolutely loved this book! I fell in love with Mira and Raj and hope they will have many more adventures together and that we will see more about them and their developing relationship! This book pulled me right in from the first paragraph and that is very hard to do for me but, this book and this wonderful author did it! She writes in such a way that you feel as if you are living in the book along with the girls on their holiday cruise and the characters you meet on the cruise are fascinating people and so realistic! This is a definite Must READ for anyone who loves romance and mystery! The twists and turns in the book are ones you don't see coming and will make you want to keep reading the book until the end and then, you still want to read more! Ms. Spryer for me, is up there with my favorite authors such as Kim Harrison, AM Hudson, Charlene Harris, and Rachel Caine!

Book Review for Dark Secrets by Josephine Harwood


For a first time author, I could have sworn this wonderful author was a best seller so great is her book. I can readily identify with the many themes in her book. It had me hook, line, and sinker from the first word! I loved being able to fully escape into this wonderful book and read it from start to finish in one sitting! It is very rare for an author to be able to write a scene so very realistic so that you, the reader is pulled right into the story and really feel as if you are an extra character and are experiencing everything the other characters do as it is happening in the book. A truly rare talent, as a very avid reader, I have only found four authors in my lifetime who were able to completely capture me as well as Josephine Harwood has!! I am praying that she will make this a series as I am for sure not ready to leave Rick and Angela's world and would love to see what is next for them, for her sister, mother, father, and all of the members of Gemini! Definately an author to keep your eyes on!! She is going to be the next best seller, mark my words!!! This book is worth 20 gold stars!!

Book Review for The Dark Secrets by A.M. Hudson

Read on January 29, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 22

This book and the series it belongs to is beyond words! It is an amazing book and I can say that I have completely fallen in love with the characters and every time I re-read this series, it's the first time all over again for me. The book is extremely well written, the emotions and scenes are magnificently portrayed with words. This is a best selling series that I would love to see made into a movie or tv series!

Welcome to My Blog Page!

Welcome to my blog page!

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