Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Evolution of Sam by Cassidy O'Connor Book Review-10 Stars

This book was magnificent! I absolutely loved it and thank the author sincerely for allowing me the pleasure of reading it! I was sucked right into the storyline from the beginning of the book and it more than held my interest until the very end and still I wanted so much more! I loved Sam and Mistress Keara! Her abilities as well as the complex nature of emotions the author adequately described for her were realistic and amazing!

Character development was very well done. The plot was built up quite nicely and the scenes and character dialogue had just enough description to make it realistic and easily visualized with the mind but, not so much as to be overwritten.

Overall, I was shocked that this was the author's debut book because it was so well written, I could have sworn it was written by a best selling author! I give it 10 stars myself instead of the usual 5! I was so jealous of Keara and wanted her abilities and powers myself! LOL! This is a terrific, engaging, and witty read! I highly recommend it to lovers of romance, comedy, and paranormal, all expertly mixed into one marvelous story!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Awesome New 5 Star Review on Burn My Soul: Part I: Revised by Holly Newhouse and Editor Toni

Awesome new 5 star review on my book: Burn My Soul: Part I-Revised edition! whoo hooo!

Review by: Toni Michelle on Sep. 25, 2014 :
“…hotter than two squirrels making love in a wool sock.”
Ever have the feeling of déjà vu and wondered why? Jinny does, and soon she will find out it’s for good reason. She is a reincarnate of herself from centuries ago. Her sweet dreams have become that of nightmares ever since she met the man from those very dreams, who happens to be her soul mate from all those years ago. Unfortunately for Jinny, he is a demon and even worse, she is being tormented by Satan himself.
I am flabbergasted! Truly I am! The story is absolutely amazing! There is just the perfect amount of mystery and detail to keep you begging for more. Xavier is my favorite demon. I think its his power of illusion that gets me all excited for him. And Jinny is my favorite character all together. She is one bad *ss woman! I must say though, Franklin is HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT! This is a must read!







Friday, September 19, 2014

a Dead Red Cadillac by RP Dahlke Book Review--10 Stars!

A Dead Red Cadillac by RP Dahlke Book Review:

This book was an amazing fast paced read and had me hooked from chapter one! Lalla Bains, Ex Model and now Ag Pilot for her dad's company is realistic, likable, strong, wise-cracking sleuth!  Running her business for her father in Modesto, California, you go on a fast-paced mystery driven journey that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end and still leaves you wanting more of Lalla's story! This author has a wonderful gift for plot, action, mystery and is very well written. You will fall in love with Lalla as the book pulls you right into the story for the ride of your life and you will experience a roller coaster of emotions right along with her especially when her '58 Cadillac is found upside down in a lake and with a passenger inside. Be prepared for an amazing trip through the story of this book. I had to read this all in one setting, I just could not put it down!
The character development and story line are fantastic! The dialogue is extremely realistic with unique situations. Overall, this read was fabulous! It kept me on the edge of my seat with mystery, fun, and lovable eccentric characters, all so incredibly believable that you will wonder where this amazing author came up with her story! I definitely give it 10 stars instead of the usual five, it deserves it and then some!

Mastered by K.L. Silver- Book Review

Mastered by K.L. Silver

Book Description:

MASTERED, The Novel explores the D/s in BDSM.

It does so through the eyes - and hearts - of James Colton and Missy Weaver: Demanding Dominant and reluctant submissive, respectively.

Neither can resist the unpredictable collision of souls borne of a shared nature - and a mutual deviance.

Terrified of being labelled ’deviant’, Missy buries her true nature deep within her. She understood from an early age that she was 'different' from the other girls. Fundamentally different. While they dreamed of making sweet love under moonlit skies - her fantasies were of a decidedly ‘other’ stripe.

Troubled and alone, she fashions an unfulfilling but socially ‘acceptable’ half-life, where she exists in militant self-denial.

That is, until fate intervenes…

Thrust unexpectedly into the world of BDSM, Missy is shocked and confused when, for the first time - she feels whole.

And home…

The extremely Dominant James Colton not only tears the clothes from her body, but the blinders from her eyes as well. Now, after a lifetime of dedicated denial, her secrets are strewn - exposed to the glaring light of consciousness. Of a sudden, her carefully constructed one-size-fits-all existence chafes relentlessly!

Yet, in a judgmental society where any deviation from the straight and narrow is frowned upon, Missy wavers. Wracked with shame and doubt, she forces herself to re-enter mainstream society – and fails in spectacular fashion!

Is she able to turn her back on the ‘forbidden’ world of Domination and submission that seems to soothe her very soul? Can she force Pandora’s Box to close once the lid is ripped from it?

Just when she is sure that all is lost – the impossible happens.

While MASTERED daringly depicts the ‘mechanics’ of a Dominant/submissive relationship, it also delves into the rarely addressed psychology behind this oft-misunderstood 'alternative lifestyle'.
Told with passion and humor from both perspectives, you - the reader - get a rare glimpse into the inner workings of each and an unprecedented peek into the veiled realm of BDSM. You will come to know and care about these 3-dimensional, multi-faceted characters.

And finally, you will know the truth...

The deliciously unorthodox love story sweeps you up in their whirlwind journey. The erotic excitement reaches its apex again and again, leaving the reader panting in anticipation. It entices you to peek around the next corner, and turn the next page - to find out exactly what - and who - comes next!

It is kicked up another notch by an unpredictable sub-plot, richly layered in imminent danger and intrigue.

In the end, MASTERED will have you begging for more!

My Review:

WOW!!! What can I say that the author has not already said in her description that gives it to you straight! This book was amazing to read!! It definitely left me wanting for more! This amazing author had me hooked from the first page! Not being greatly familiar with Doms and Subs, I wasn't sure what to expect but at least expected to go on a journey with James and Missy. Boy, was I wrong!! It was no journey, it was an epiphany!! It took me several days to finish this book and that's clearly not because I did not want to read it in one setting, I desperately did! It was because I had to force myself to take breaks, turning the fan on high and aimed at me while reading, I often feared I would expire from hot flashes of epic proportions!!! This book was just that HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

That being said, I impatiently could not wait to read the next section of the book from where I had to leave off each time I forced myself to put it down to take a break. I even dreamed of James and Missy and their relationship and that is something folks, I have never done before! This book drew me in that incredibly much, so much so in fact, that at times, I wanted to steal James from Missy myself!

For being a first time novel, I absolutely loved it! I just cannot say that enough! The characters were so realistic and complex that you cannot help but, want to be in their world with them. The plot was fascinating and draws you right in with its realistic nature and the amazing writing and choice of words used by the author are just outstanding!

Forgive me folks here if for the first time in my life, adequate words are escaping me on my review of this life altering and mind shattering book, I am still reeling not only due to the hotness factor but, due to the fact that I did not want it to end. I kept checking my table of contents to make sure I really had reached the very last page and yes, I DEFINITELY WANT MORE, SO MUCH MORE OF JAMES AND MISSY!!! I will impatiently wait to see what this amazing author brings next in their story and where she takes it. Will Missy earn her collar back or will she fail James in some way eliciting some delicious punishment? Sighs, I will have to sit on my hands and do my best to be patient to find out more and if not, who knows, maybe James Colton will show up at my door step .......sigh, I can only dream....  If you have not read this uber hot and amazing book yet, well get off your hinny and get it now!! This is one book that will definite leave you begging for so much more by the end!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shadow's Passion by Molle McGregor Book Review

Book Description:

He lived for vengeance, until he met her. Now he has to choose--revenge or love?

Exiled by her people after an accidental death, Celeste's power is so unstable the elegant Shadow healer is considered a deadly menace. Fifty years of isolation have left her a little lonely. And more than a little bored. When a nearby family falls victim to demon infection, she decides to go hunting. Without backup, it won't be long before the demons are hunting her.

A dangerous assassin, Gabe has better things to do than save a Shadow from her own reckless behavior. Like find the demon who killed his brother. Sure, the Shadow is gorgeous, alluring, and she needs his help. But he can't afford to get distracted. Everything changes the second he spies his brother's killer among the demons after Celeste. Now, nothing will tear him from her side.

Gabe is dangerous and secretive. He's also a skilled fighter and sexy as hell. Celeste knows better than to team up with a Warder, but she's not sure she cares. It's been a long dry spell since her exile. Neither of them expects their fling to turn into something more. But when Gabe's past catches up with him, he learns that his brother's murder was just the beginning. A new evil is rising, and its sights are set on Celeste. Now Gabe has to make a choice: revenge or love?

My Review:
This book was absolutely amazing! I fell in love with Celeste and Gabriel and sweet Fitz! This wonderful author and her story had me from the start, I could not put this book down until I was finished and now I cannot wait to read all of the books in this series!!! Fantastic, a true best seller for sure!! I want to meet Gabe, he's incredible as is Celeste for taming this bad boy! A fantastic read and I would recommend this book for anyone who loves to go on a roller coaster of emotions along with the characters in the story and be pulled right in to the point that you feel everything they are feeling and that in and of itself is the trademark of a great author! This is one book you don't want to miss out on! I know the rest of the series will be just as good as this one! I can't wait to read book one in this series!

Reaper's Rite Series by Dorothy Dreyer-Book Review

I will start by saying this book series is absolutely fantastic and I want to thank the Author for the privilege of letting me read both books! I'm trying to be patient in waiting for the third book lol! I read both of these books in one sitting all night long, I just could not put these down! The story and plot are unique and yet, very engaging. The books are very well written and I have to say I have fallen in love with Chase, Gavin, Zadie, Mara, Hunter, and Liluria! They have individually and as a group taken me on a roller coaster ride of events and emotions and I loved every second of it!

 I just can't tell you all just how much I love this author, her unique way with words and wonderful worlds she's created with her creative gift from God!!! There is so much more I deeply want to say but, at the same time can't or I will ruin the story for you by writing so many spoilers so, in essence I can say that you want to read this book!!!

This is a young adult book but, as a 38 year old mother of 5, I can say that even at my age, I loved, loved, loved these two books! The series is magnificent and should be on the best sellers list!! I encourage you, no matter your age to read these books you will fall in love and will be left wanting so much more from this amazing author just as I do! I will be keeping a close eye on this author and her books to come so I can read more of her fantastic world and stories that will pull you right in, making you feel as if you are really there with the characters and living their lives with them! So, Don't hesitate! Get these books today!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Unrequited-One Girl, Thirteen boyfriends, and Vodka-Book Review

This book is definitely in a class all of its own. I could relate to the story having lived through the age of the main female character myself. The journey she takes is easy to relate to either in our own lives or having heard about it in a friend's life. This book describes the real world where men are no longer the gentlemen they were in the 50's and women are no longer the quiet, shy, stay at home housewives of the same era.

Walk side by side with the main character, January as she experiences emotions all women have faced at one time or another and as she tries to find an acceptable balance concerning her self-esteem, what her morals truly are, and what character she will be or play when she walks out the door. Walk with her as she wades through the worst of the worst men to finally find the one worth all of the turmoil she had to fight against just to find....him, Mr. right for her.

A great read I highly recommend to others!

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