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Mastered by K.L. Silver- Book Review

Mastered by K.L. Silver

Book Description:

MASTERED, The Novel explores the D/s in BDSM.

It does so through the eyes - and hearts - of James Colton and Missy Weaver: Demanding Dominant and reluctant submissive, respectively.

Neither can resist the unpredictable collision of souls borne of a shared nature - and a mutual deviance.

Terrified of being labelled ’deviant’, Missy buries her true nature deep within her. She understood from an early age that she was 'different' from the other girls. Fundamentally different. While they dreamed of making sweet love under moonlit skies - her fantasies were of a decidedly ‘other’ stripe.

Troubled and alone, she fashions an unfulfilling but socially ‘acceptable’ half-life, where she exists in militant self-denial.

That is, until fate intervenes…

Thrust unexpectedly into the world of BDSM, Missy is shocked and confused when, for the first time - she feels whole.

And home…

The extremely Dominant James Colton not only tears the clothes from her body, but the blinders from her eyes as well. Now, after a lifetime of dedicated denial, her secrets are strewn - exposed to the glaring light of consciousness. Of a sudden, her carefully constructed one-size-fits-all existence chafes relentlessly!

Yet, in a judgmental society where any deviation from the straight and narrow is frowned upon, Missy wavers. Wracked with shame and doubt, she forces herself to re-enter mainstream society – and fails in spectacular fashion!

Is she able to turn her back on the ‘forbidden’ world of Domination and submission that seems to soothe her very soul? Can she force Pandora’s Box to close once the lid is ripped from it?

Just when she is sure that all is lost – the impossible happens.

While MASTERED daringly depicts the ‘mechanics’ of a Dominant/submissive relationship, it also delves into the rarely addressed psychology behind this oft-misunderstood 'alternative lifestyle'.
Told with passion and humor from both perspectives, you - the reader - get a rare glimpse into the inner workings of each and an unprecedented peek into the veiled realm of BDSM. You will come to know and care about these 3-dimensional, multi-faceted characters.

And finally, you will know the truth...

The deliciously unorthodox love story sweeps you up in their whirlwind journey. The erotic excitement reaches its apex again and again, leaving the reader panting in anticipation. It entices you to peek around the next corner, and turn the next page - to find out exactly what - and who - comes next!

It is kicked up another notch by an unpredictable sub-plot, richly layered in imminent danger and intrigue.

In the end, MASTERED will have you begging for more!

My Review:

WOW!!! What can I say that the author has not already said in her description that gives it to you straight! This book was amazing to read!! It definitely left me wanting for more! This amazing author had me hooked from the first page! Not being greatly familiar with Doms and Subs, I wasn't sure what to expect but at least expected to go on a journey with James and Missy. Boy, was I wrong!! It was no journey, it was an epiphany!! It took me several days to finish this book and that's clearly not because I did not want to read it in one setting, I desperately did! It was because I had to force myself to take breaks, turning the fan on high and aimed at me while reading, I often feared I would expire from hot flashes of epic proportions!!! This book was just that HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

That being said, I impatiently could not wait to read the next section of the book from where I had to leave off each time I forced myself to put it down to take a break. I even dreamed of James and Missy and their relationship and that is something folks, I have never done before! This book drew me in that incredibly much, so much so in fact, that at times, I wanted to steal James from Missy myself!

For being a first time novel, I absolutely loved it! I just cannot say that enough! The characters were so realistic and complex that you cannot help but, want to be in their world with them. The plot was fascinating and draws you right in with its realistic nature and the amazing writing and choice of words used by the author are just outstanding!

Forgive me folks here if for the first time in my life, adequate words are escaping me on my review of this life altering and mind shattering book, I am still reeling not only due to the hotness factor but, due to the fact that I did not want it to end. I kept checking my table of contents to make sure I really had reached the very last page and yes, I DEFINITELY WANT MORE, SO MUCH MORE OF JAMES AND MISSY!!! I will impatiently wait to see what this amazing author brings next in their story and where she takes it. Will Missy earn her collar back or will she fail James in some way eliciting some delicious punishment? Sighs, I will have to sit on my hands and do my best to be patient to find out more and if not, who knows, maybe James Colton will show up at my door step .......sigh, I can only dream....  If you have not read this uber hot and amazing book yet, well get off your hinny and get it now!! This is one book that will definite leave you begging for so much more by the end!!!

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