Sunday, September 7, 2014

Unrequited-One Girl, Thirteen boyfriends, and Vodka-Book Review

This book is definitely in a class all of its own. I could relate to the story having lived through the age of the main female character myself. The journey she takes is easy to relate to either in our own lives or having heard about it in a friend's life. This book describes the real world where men are no longer the gentlemen they were in the 50's and women are no longer the quiet, shy, stay at home housewives of the same era.

Walk side by side with the main character, January as she experiences emotions all women have faced at one time or another and as she tries to find an acceptable balance concerning her self-esteem, what her morals truly are, and what character she will be or play when she walks out the door. Walk with her as she wades through the worst of the worst men to finally find the one worth all of the turmoil she had to fight against just to find....him, Mr. right for her.

A great read I highly recommend to others!

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