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UPCOMING RELEASE BOOK REVIEW: The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts (The Unbelievables, Book 1) by K.C. Tansley

The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts (The Unbelievables, Book 1) by K.C. Tansley

(Releasing on Amazon and Barnes and Noble on  July 31, 2015)


Reviewed by Holly Newhouse for Eternal Book Reviews....5 Stars!!


"Some mysteries were built so intricately, it took centuries to unravel them. Castle Creighton waited over a century for its chance." Author KC Tansley

Kat Preston grew up from a babe around ghosts and they became a normal part of her life until nine years of age when a sinister ghost inhabits her body while she's sick. Only with the help of another ghost named Toria, is she able to get the ghost out of her body and is told she has to become an unbeliever and needs to surround herself with the same kind of people since ghosts can only break through into the world of the living by being around strong believers.

While growing up around ghosts, she learned a bit of their world including that they are not troubled souls waiting to be crossed over. Most wanted what they call a reckoning which is what she provided, but ghosts are only a piece of soul shattered by death that is left behind. The rest of the soul is reincarnated and shards that splinter off of the ghost chunk become what are known as spirits.

Now eight years later, she realizes that she can no longer ignore the ghosts and can no longer run from them when she is given a research paper on the double murder mystery of the Sebastian Radcliffe and Cassie Mallory at Castle Creighton near Wright, Connecticut on the Aisle of Acacia and has to try to solve it for a university professor teaching at her prep school, Mc Ternan Academy. The paper receives a great grade and she is reminded her summer will be taken up with more research on location at Castle Creighton as part of a team that includes: TA Seth, her best friend Morgan, and Seth, a university student along with the remaining Radcliffe heir. But when she gets to the castle, nothing is as it seems and the ghosts will no longer be ignored.

This book was absolutely amazing! The storyline and plot were well-written and well-developed as well as having amazing complexity with so many twists and turns that this professional reviewer never saw coming. They kept me on the edge of my seat the whole roller coaster ride through the story until the very end. This is not a book you can read small parts of each night, it is book that will hook you to the point where you will have to read it all in one sitting. The characters were believable, realistic and complex in an atmosphere that makes them question everything, everyone and even their own sanity at times. The back story was perfect in how it was injected into the story itself. The scenes were descriptive and easy to visualize as were the characters' physical appearances, dialogue, demeanors and behaviors. The elements of the supernatural or paranormal, whichever you choose to call it, were elegantly deployed too.

Overall, Author KC Tansley has written an engaging story that will immediately hook and draw the reader right into her world of mystery, suspense, intrigue, romance, betrayal, curses, spells and the paranormal along with its many twists and turns that can't be foreseen in a place where nothing is as it first appears. I know one thing for sure, I have found a new favorite author and cannot wait to read more books by this amazing and brilliant author!!

**This professional reviewer was given an advance ARC in exchange for an honest review and was in no way required to write a positive one.**


The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts (The Unbelieveables, Book 1)

Author K.C. Tansley

Beckett Publishing Group (July 31, 2015)

256pp. $3.99 Kindle, $11.99 Paperback

BOOK REVIEW: Chaos Umpire Sits by Kevin Kneupper

Reviewed by Holly Newhouse for Eternal Book Reviews....5 Stars Plus!


After loving and being fascinated by book one, book two did not disappoint at all! The fast-paced, action-packed and complex love story between Rhamiel and Jana continues while the world erupts in war and even more chaos as humans are determined to take back their home. The angels' lives are in complete chaos as the humans retaliated and bombed the angels' tower, causing it to collapse in on itself. The angels have suffered heavy losses and the vichies are scattering, lost and confused. But no one as much as Jana who saw Rhamiel go into the tower before the collapse but did not see him come out. She was taught to believe that angels cannot procreate and yet, she's pregnant with Rhamiel's baby and must keep it a well-guarded secret even as she maintains hope that Rhamiel, the love of her life, will come for her while she also seeks to find him as well. Rhamiel also refuses to give up hope on finding Jana, the woman he loves, alive and safe from harm. He refuses to cease searching for her after he's healed of his injuries and won't stop until they are reunited again, no matter the cost.

The author introduces a multitude more new and sinister characters in this continuation of "They Who Fell" as well as many more twists and turns this reviewer once again did not see coming until they smacked her in the face and left her breathless and shocked. A few of the new characters include the Cherubs and their creepy creation, the golems as well as new angels and even a sinister archangel that terrifies even the bravest of the angels.

Of course, this reviewer being heavily invested in the relationship between Rhamiel and Jana, went through a myriad of emotions on the roller coaster ride from hell while reading this absolutely fascinating book all in one sitting and sincerely hopes there will be a book 3 and many more after to see how life turns out for Rhamiel, Jana, Thane and the babe.

Once again, Author Kneupper has written another brilliant book that showcases his ability as a master storyteller and will appeal to readers of all genres. This reviewer further believes this series would make a fantastic set of movies or at the very least a fascinating TV show!



Chaos Umpire Sits (They Who Fell, Book 2)

Kevin Kneupper

Self-Published (May 3, 2015)

334 pp. $4.99 Kindle, $11.99 Paperback

BOOK REVIEW: They Who Fell by Kevin Kneupper - JUNE 14, 2015

Reviewed by Holly Newhouse for Eternal Book Reviews....5 Stars plus!


The apocalypse humans so love to talk about has happened out of nowhere and without warning when fireballs fall from the sky and no they are not meteors. They are burning fallen angels kicked out of Heaven for rebelling against the creator when he refused to keep his promise to his angelic creations. And now, after millennia of serving humans without any thanks or gratitude, they are learning to live on earth even as they rule it. Author Kneupper has the angels as angry and cruel when it comes to humans, are exceptionally human in their vices, emotions and behaviors which only makes them and the story even more believable and realistic as well as entirely plausible.

This professional reviewer was hooked and drawn in to this extremely well-developed, thought out and very complex story from page one when I met Jana, a human servant at the bottom of the caste system in place in the Angelic Tower that arose shortly after the fall. She has learned that human servants of the angels, also known as vichies by those who live outside the tower, are raised or trained to understand to keep their mouths shut, eyes downcast and force their facial expression into one of constant neutrality and are never to look an angel in the eyes. They are never to show disgust toward the angels who all but one are severely burned and scarred from the fall. Angel Rhamiel has no burns or scars on his face and next to none on his body or wings and is considered the most beautiful of all of the fallen angels and is at the very top of the caste system.

On Jana's first night serving meals to the angels she is to serve Angel Nefta and during the meal, shows her rebellious side by staring Rhamiel straight in the eyes, intrigued and fascinated by him and his attentions. But, in the process gains the attention of Nefta as well and is soon pulled from the bottom of the tower to rise to the very top as Nefta's personal servant along with Cassie, Nefta's other servant. There, her romantic relationship with Rhamiel begins.

The overall story takes place in New York City, a once proud city that has now been reduced to a husk by angel attacks, violence, murder, starvation and disease. None of the angels except for Rhamiel have any love for the humans. Rhamiel on the other hand, falls in love with Jana and tries to protect her at all costs but will it be enough? Furthermore, in a chaotic world ruled by fallen angels, there are still sects of humans who are still fighting to take back their homes by killing every angel they can.

This reviewer knows for a fact as an author herself and as a professional reviewer, just how much work it takes to develop a realistic and deeply complex world with a multitude of complex characters, each with their own agenda, really is. And I can say Author Kneupper is brilliant for not only succeeding in accomplishing such a great task but excelling in it as well. This is a fresh and unique take on apocalyptic stories and is well-written in such a way as to be engaging, suspenseful, realistic and with a great deal of twists and turns this reviewer never saw coming.

Of course, being a serious hard core romantic at heart, the romance between Angel Rhamiel and human servant Jana, is what kept this reviewer hooked and engaged in the story until the end. There is something refreshing and timeless about a romance that can stand the test of time amidst chaos, lies, betrayals, violence, jealousy, ridicule, psychological and physical torture as well as outright war.

The story line and its many faceted plot are very well-written, well-developed and engaging. The multitude of characters, each as complex as you would find in real life with each having separate agendas and quirks was brilliantly done! This story is a fast-paced, action-packed, and romantic thrilling roller coaster ride that has the ability to take the reader's breath away and make them experience a myriad of emotions that are completely off the charts! At the end the reader will be left wanting so much more of the story and will keep trying to get one more page out of the book or e-reader just as this reviewer did. This book has a little bit of everything that will please an audience and very wide range of readers, no matter what their preferred genre.


They who Fell

Kevin Kneupper

Self-Published (July 2, 2014)

344 pp. $3.99 Kindle, $10.79 Paperback

BOOK REVIEW: Return to Pine Street: Renee Walker's Haunting by Cassie Williams

Return to Pine Street: Renee Walker's Haunting by Cassie Williams


Reviewed by Holly Newhouse for Eternal Book Reviews....5 Stars!


Renee Walker is a married mother of three children. Once so full of life, now at the age of thirty-five, she has completely lost her zest for life, haunted by horrific nightmares and her past at her childhood home on Pine Street. With the help of her therapist, Dr. Melissa Dagen, she tries hypnosis to go back in time and face what happened on Pine Street at the house that "wants her and has waited for her return." There are so many suspenseful and mysterious twists and turns in this classic horror story as Renee recalls living with her mom and two brothers Lee and Jack that this reviewer did not even see coming, until they up and smacked her on the cheek.

This author is a magnificent storyteller with her ability to tell a well-written, well-developed, engaging, suspenseful and complex horror story that is brilliantly told! The characters, plot and storyline are all as complex and as realistic as real life can be which caused this reviewer to really think and develop spine tingling goose bumps while reading it in the dark of night. It further made this author question several things, then at the end going "Holy Crap!" when the answers all came at once.

This professional reviewer highly recommends this book to those who love mystery, suspense, intrigue and all mixed in with a touch of classic horror. If you are faint of heart then don't read it late at night. It will make you wonder what things go bump in the night in your own home.


Return to Pine Street: Renee Walker's Haunting

Author Cassie Williams

Self-Published (December 7, 2013)

141 pp. $0.99 Kindle $6.38 Paperback

BOOK REVIEW: Light a Candle for the Beast by Echo Shea

Light a Candle for the Beast (A Dark Fairy Tales Novella) by Echo Shea


Reviewed by Holly Newhouse for Eternal Book Reviews....5 Stars!


This short novella was extremely fascinating to read. While understanding Eden's actions as well as her destiny, this reviewer's heart still can help residing with Eden's sister and the beast himself. You can't help but fall in love with the characters and that is in large part due to Author Shea's amazing ability to write and tell a story. The characters are realistic and believable. The story is very descriptive and therefore easy to visualize in the reader's mind. The prose is unique, well-written, engaging and very refreshing with great character development. The only complaint I have is that I wish the story was longer. I enjoyed it so much that I hated to see it end!


Light a Candle for the Beast

Echo Shea

Roane Publishing (November 26, 2014)

24 pp. $1.99 Kindle