Sunday, June 14, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Return to Pine Street: Renee Walker's Haunting by Cassie Williams

Return to Pine Street: Renee Walker's Haunting by Cassie Williams


Reviewed by Holly Newhouse for Eternal Book Reviews....5 Stars!


Renee Walker is a married mother of three children. Once so full of life, now at the age of thirty-five, she has completely lost her zest for life, haunted by horrific nightmares and her past at her childhood home on Pine Street. With the help of her therapist, Dr. Melissa Dagen, she tries hypnosis to go back in time and face what happened on Pine Street at the house that "wants her and has waited for her return." There are so many suspenseful and mysterious twists and turns in this classic horror story as Renee recalls living with her mom and two brothers Lee and Jack that this reviewer did not even see coming, until they up and smacked her on the cheek.

This author is a magnificent storyteller with her ability to tell a well-written, well-developed, engaging, suspenseful and complex horror story that is brilliantly told! The characters, plot and storyline are all as complex and as realistic as real life can be which caused this reviewer to really think and develop spine tingling goose bumps while reading it in the dark of night. It further made this author question several things, then at the end going "Holy Crap!" when the answers all came at once.

This professional reviewer highly recommends this book to those who love mystery, suspense, intrigue and all mixed in with a touch of classic horror. If you are faint of heart then don't read it late at night. It will make you wonder what things go bump in the night in your own home.


Return to Pine Street: Renee Walker's Haunting

Author Cassie Williams

Self-Published (December 7, 2013)

141 pp. $0.99 Kindle $6.38 Paperback

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