Sunday, June 14, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Chaos Umpire Sits by Kevin Kneupper

Reviewed by Holly Newhouse for Eternal Book Reviews....5 Stars Plus!


After loving and being fascinated by book one, book two did not disappoint at all! The fast-paced, action-packed and complex love story between Rhamiel and Jana continues while the world erupts in war and even more chaos as humans are determined to take back their home. The angels' lives are in complete chaos as the humans retaliated and bombed the angels' tower, causing it to collapse in on itself. The angels have suffered heavy losses and the vichies are scattering, lost and confused. But no one as much as Jana who saw Rhamiel go into the tower before the collapse but did not see him come out. She was taught to believe that angels cannot procreate and yet, she's pregnant with Rhamiel's baby and must keep it a well-guarded secret even as she maintains hope that Rhamiel, the love of her life, will come for her while she also seeks to find him as well. Rhamiel also refuses to give up hope on finding Jana, the woman he loves, alive and safe from harm. He refuses to cease searching for her after he's healed of his injuries and won't stop until they are reunited again, no matter the cost.

The author introduces a multitude more new and sinister characters in this continuation of "They Who Fell" as well as many more twists and turns this reviewer once again did not see coming until they smacked her in the face and left her breathless and shocked. A few of the new characters include the Cherubs and their creepy creation, the golems as well as new angels and even a sinister archangel that terrifies even the bravest of the angels.

Of course, this reviewer being heavily invested in the relationship between Rhamiel and Jana, went through a myriad of emotions on the roller coaster ride from hell while reading this absolutely fascinating book all in one sitting and sincerely hopes there will be a book 3 and many more after to see how life turns out for Rhamiel, Jana, Thane and the babe.

Once again, Author Kneupper has written another brilliant book that showcases his ability as a master storyteller and will appeal to readers of all genres. This reviewer further believes this series would make a fantastic set of movies or at the very least a fascinating TV show!



Chaos Umpire Sits (They Who Fell, Book 2)

Kevin Kneupper

Self-Published (May 3, 2015)

334 pp. $4.99 Kindle, $11.99 Paperback

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