Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Evolution of Sam by Cassidy O'Connor Book Review-10 Stars

This book was magnificent! I absolutely loved it and thank the author sincerely for allowing me the pleasure of reading it! I was sucked right into the storyline from the beginning of the book and it more than held my interest until the very end and still I wanted so much more! I loved Sam and Mistress Keara! Her abilities as well as the complex nature of emotions the author adequately described for her were realistic and amazing!

Character development was very well done. The plot was built up quite nicely and the scenes and character dialogue had just enough description to make it realistic and easily visualized with the mind but, not so much as to be overwritten.

Overall, I was shocked that this was the author's debut book because it was so well written, I could have sworn it was written by a best selling author! I give it 10 stars myself instead of the usual 5! I was so jealous of Keara and wanted her abilities and powers myself! LOL! This is a terrific, engaging, and witty read! I highly recommend it to lovers of romance, comedy, and paranormal, all expertly mixed into one marvelous story!

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