Monday, August 25, 2014

Prayers for the Children of the Single Mother: Angels in my Arms by Judy Matthews


Book Description:

Take an emotional journey with a self-motivated faith filled woman charged beyond the reach of faith. No matter how her heart broke, she kept God so powerfully close to her soul continuing to thank God praising him knowing he will never leaving her side. My story takes you to a adrenaline message...“Single Mothers" learn from my mistakes". A true life story, this book will fill every part of you, for in your hands will be a life story for every single Mother or Father who will do anything with the faith of God leaning so heavy for the light each day when giving up was not a choice. Keeping my faith strong as I continued to follow Gods will, always holding my children together as a family. They never left my side. My three little angels I was so proud. Reading this story will touch any Parents heart.

My Review:

I walked with this beautiful faithfilled woman on a emotional roller coaster, on the journey that was her life. I had to read this book twice as Judy Matthews bears her heart and her very soul to the world. The book is raw, inspiring, motivational, and for me, being a single mother myself of disabled children, I really took the author's words to heart, I cried with her and felt every emotion she experienced as she wrote this book. I can't think of another book that's more powerful, inspirational or motivational for single mothers. As a victim traumatologist, I plan to recommend this book to all of the young single mother's I work with. It is just that valuable! I give it 10 stars and encourage everyone to read it, single mother or not!

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