Friday, August 22, 2014

Soul to Burn: Part I by Holly Newhouse Book Excerpts

Book Excerpt #1

BACK STRAIGHT, arms swinging at her side, whistling her favorite tune, Jinny headed outside to check on her adopted sister Madi, baking in her bikini in the Beverly Hills sun.
"Hey Madi! There's a new club opening on the strip tonight, wanna go?" Her carefree voice carried over the gentle breeze.
Trickles of sweat traveled a path down her long slender back from her neck, also traveling down to pool between her voluptuous breasts under her spaghetti strapped white sun dress in the heat.
She's going to be the poster child for skin cancer by the time she's 35, the way she keeps falling asleep out here on her chaise lounge once again.
Jinny sighed heavily, running her hand down her face, walking with a heavy stride to once again wake Madi up from her slumber, the moment her eyes fell upon the slumbering girl.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, goosebumps popped up on her flawless tanned skin, her heart began to beat an erratic tempo as her sweaty palms trembled. She felt an insane hint of evil in the air, growing immensely stronger as she reached her sister's side. Her eyes rapidly searched for the source, yet seeing nothing out of the ordinary.
Leaning over, she reached out grabbing Madi's shoulder, jerking her hand back to her chest, gasping aloud. Skin that should have been hot to the touch felt as cold as if kissed by death's embrace. Her arms fell only to grip and release the dress, swallowing quickly, she felt as if time had slowed down.
(She can't be dead, she just can't be! Oh God, what if the killer is still here? I have to get her inside right now! I can feel him watching me, most likely enjoying his handiwork.....No! focus on Madi and getting her inside the house first, freak out later, Jinny! ) (facebook wont let me put this in italics to show its her thoughts, sorry)
Feeling as if she was being closely watched, the skin between her shoulder blades burned as if the skin itself has been set on fire. Her eyes rapidly flew from side to side, her body tensely turning in a slow motion circle, her head slowly moving to look in each direction, searching her surroundings again as adrenaline flooded her veins.
She saw nothing unusual but, the feelings would not go away, only intensified.
Wait a minute! What the hell is that?
Her mouth fell agape, staring incredulously with wide eyes, she saw what appeared to be long black hair flying in mid air at the top of the border wall before it quickly disappeared.
She was torn, her body prepared to chase after whatever the hell that was, or who that was, and her mind screaming at her to get Madi and herself, back inside the sanctuary of Madi's mansion.

Book Excerpt #2

Heavy masculine footsteps suddenly sound behind me, further back in the hall, they're gaining on me. I want to glance over my shoulder, I'm afraid to see the monster my mind has conjured up.

Legs trembling from exertion are pushed past the point of no return, arms raised in front of me, nearly pull the front door off its hinges as I run past it, to the freedom outside, at the same, time not understanding why the house alarm didn't go off.

Reaching the circular concrete driveway, I feel the overwhelming oppressive air of the outdoors coursing through my burning, oxygen starved lungs, my desert dry mouth and throat are even more parched. I hesitate briefly, deciding which way to run for help.

Leading off with my right foot I go, ignoring the pain in my body, screaming bloody murder when silent, strong, and muscular arms wrap around my waist. My struggles, seem like those of a child as I'm immediately pulled forcefully backward into a hard, muscular body.
No way in Hellfire! Like a hellcat, I immediately struggle even harder to get free, knowing Madi's life and mine depend upon it!

I suck in a sharp breath, body tensing as I realize he's trapped my arms at my sides. I scream,
"Let me go right now, or you'll be sorry!" I try to make myself sound larger than I am, more menacing while silently, I'm praying he'll loosen his arms so I can scratch his eyes out and run! I'm afraid Madi's already dead, at the hands of the other intruder.


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