Friday, August 22, 2014

Coming in September 2014!! Book 2 of my Soul Series

My newest book, Burn My Soul: Part II of the 9 book soul series will be available in September 2014! Read below for an excerpt from this new paranormal romance book:

He was greeted by a fearful yet stunning sight.
I'm floating angrily twenty feet off the ground. A reddish-golden glow outlines my body. My arms are angrily crossed saying, stay the hell away from me or you will get hurt! I'm dressed in a red sundress. It's the only thing I could find to wear.
Franklin noticed immediately that Jinny's glowing pearlescent eyes changed to have not a red center but, a deep dragon jade green one. That's not what has him suddenly fearful as he stood there on the beach. It's the wild, out of control, lightning storm that raged all around her yet did not harm her that worried him most.
Hellfire! She looks like an avenging pissed off Goddess. I don't know whether to talk to her or stay silent at this moment.
It didn't matter what he did as in a split second, he was jerked right out of his thought and back to reality. His ass feels like it's literally on fire!
Twisting at the waist, he glances down at his ass when he now felt a strong breeze over an area of skin that was seconds before, covered.
What in hellfire? There's a huge hole in the seat of his jeans, scorched all the way around the outer edges. His bare ass is now hanging out in the elements for all to see.
Franklin inhaled sharply, his eyes quickly narrowed and turned crimson.
"Why you little shit! You actually just struck my ass with lightning! Thank the Almighty, it didn't harm me, being a nightmare demon and all!" He takes a couple of deep angry breaths.
"Dammit woman! If you wanted to see my lovely ass, you only had to ask instead, you just ruined my favorite pair of jeans!" No matter how much he tried to calm himself down, he had adrenaline rushing through his veins, along with his deep seated anger, and now she pissed off his inner demon.
Franklin's inner demon is determined to dominate her and make her submit to him right then and there. The only problem was that he knows how she is one hell of a challenge and smells so damn heavenly. His inner demon scents the half demon within his wife.
"Don't play coy with me, Franklin Senefru Zakaria! Not only did you risk my life by turning me into a half demon, you spelled me into a deep sleep, you....asshole! Then, of all things, you just left me here to go through the transformation all alone!" My voice reverberates across the sky as loud and as deep as ominous thunder claps.
I'm so damn angry right now, without thinking, I manipulate the next bolt of lightning and have it land a mere foot from Franklin's toes.
Franklin jumped back a few feet, swore and cussed under his breath. "Damn woman. I'm going to take pleasure in putting her over my knee and blister her ass like the naughty, misbehaved child she's acting like."
I completely ignore my husband's mumblings as I thrive on this sensation of being completely out of control. It's a first for me and I find I really, really like it. I wonderful why I never cut loose before in my human life, what an idiot I was!
"Don't make me punish your cute little ass woman! I will enjoy making you scream to high heaven as you submit to me woman!" He yells at me, his tone wickedly demonic as he turns away from me.
It's a very defiant move and clearly tells me to kiss his ass, the ornery shit. It's right then that I realize I'm not dealing with my husband but with his inner demon, Senefru. The thought turns me on.
I have to admit his ass does look sexy hanging out of the hole in his jeans. I'll have to make sure he keeps those. Mmm Hmm. I'm not done yet, as I have one more trick up my sleeve. I see it in my mind's eye as I strengthen my shields.
Hearing a zap then a clink sound, as the latest lightning bolt hits his belt buckle precisely, destroying it. I laugh with malevolent glee as his pants drops to his knees.
The sight is so entertaining that I can't hold back my wicked laughter any longer. The more I laugh, the more I begin to calm down, thinking I have punished my sexy demon's body enough for now.

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