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Running by SC Bryce Book Review- 5/5 Stars

Running by SC Bryce

Clean Teen Publishing

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 Reviewed by Author Holly Newhouse for Eternal Book Reviews



Book Description - 

Kate Settles Into a Life with Her New Family: a Murderer, an Alcoholic, a Thief, a Teenage Runaway…and a Wolf.

Summer 1983: Abandoned by their mother, sixteen-year-old Kate, and her younger brother and sister find themselves on the streets.
Alone and homeless, they seek refuge in a derelict bungalow in the English countryside where they meet their new family: a robber, a convict, an alcoholic and a troubled teenage runaway.
Struck by the tragedy of her sister's death and terrorized by a new arrival, Kate yearns for an end to their brutal and squalid existence. She asks herself whether she should keep running or ask someone for help, someone like the woodcutter.
Does the mysterious stranger in the woods hold the secret to a wonderful future or a deadly past?


Book Review - 

 "Be prepared to experience intense heart pounding emotion!" 5/5 Stars
       This was an amazing young adult book! It's the first of it's kind that this reviewer has ever read. It's definitely in a class of its own. Kate and her siblings are taken in and cared for by Mannis who growls a great deal but underneath he's a caring man doing the best he knows how to take care of the kids. The three orphans go through a series of misadventures. 
     There are a lot of twists and turns, many that you don't even see coming until after it's happened. I will warn you that you won't figure it all out, won't put all of the pieces together until the very end - why everything played out the way it did in the book and that is pure genius on the part of the author! I never expected it and at the end had a huge Ah Hah! moment when all of the pieces finally came together and everything clicked into place.
    This book is magnificent, I just can't say that enough! It's well written and extremely intense and engaging to the point where you won't be able to put it down until you have read it to the very end. I began reading this book, being capture and drawn in from the first page and it kept its hold onto me until the end and what felt like only a few minutes had passed, I was shocked to see that in reality, three hours had passed! That does not happen to me very often.
     Now, onto the nitty gritty stuff. As I said, the book is well written by a master storyteller. I could visualize every character and every scene in the book without any issues at all. The whole book flowed quite nicely. Each character's background and how they came to be together, as well as the characters' development, plot and storyline were all masterfully crafted by Author SC Bryce.
      The scenes were logical in sequence. There was a sufficient amount of down time between intense scenes allowing for a build up to the next intense one. Every action can be clearly "seen" visually. The character dialogue was perfect allowing the reader to see what the characters were doing while speaking and were extremely realistic as were the scenes.
      Overall, this book was brilliantly done and written. I highly recommend this book not only to young adults but to adults as well who like a refreshing new read that is in a caliber all of it's own!

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