Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Last Orphans by Neil W. Harris Book Review....... 20/20 Stars!!

The Last Orphans by Neil W Harris

Published by Clean Teen Publishing

Reviewed by Author Holly Newhouse for Eternal Book Reviews

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"In a world of it's own, it's so amazing.....20 out of 20 Stars!"

       I cannot begin to rave enough about this book!!! Being asked to read this amazing and fascinating book is a dream come true for this reviewer! I just could not put it down!
     Knowing first hand the great amount of work that goes into the writing of a book, editing it and editing some more until it becomes not only your masterpiece but your very soul becomes part of it and that is clearly seen in this magnificent book and is written by an equally amazing and masterful storyteller!
     This fantastic fast paced book begins with the world thrown into chaos as everyone over 18 is killed or destroyed by animals, insects, etc... in nature. You meet Shane, a teenage boy as shell shocked as any seasoned soldier who has lived through the trauma of war. Through his vow to keep the girl of his dreams and her little sister safe from harm, an unwilling yet true leader emerges out of the chaos to take control and lead over seventy kids through a world that has basically become a war zone. He almost losing it himself in order to save the lives of the others in his quest to lead those he is in charge of, to safety.
    This amazing author is extremely well written and the editor has done a tremendous job as well with this book. The character development is superb and the plot as well as the storyline, oh my goodness, it is extremely realistic, fascinating and flows beautifully throughout the whole book! The descriptions are vivid and give just enough detail to incite the imagination but not too much as to be overdone.
     I was able to visualize the characters, how they looked and what they were doing as they dialogued and that takes some true talent to accomplish. I not only felt that I was right there in the book with Shane and Kelly and the rest but, it no longer became a book I was reading but a movie I was watching play out in full color and volume in my mind and very few authors have been able to do that and then, its usually non-fiction authors who accomplish it the best but Neil Harris has done exactly that for me and that is the highest compliment I can give.
    This book moved me to the point where I cried, laughed, cringed and even yelled at the characters and along with them, I wanted to jump right into the book myself, so engaged was I with the book and the characters themselves and for the first time I felt my adrenaline and fight or flight response kick in and with a book at that! That is exceptionally rare for me.
   To be honest, this author is pretty darn amazing in my opinion and in his ability to tell a story and make this reviewer feel so many things and become so engaged that there were points in the book where I had to stop reading or risk breaking my computer! No kidding!
    Author Neil Harris has done the impossible through his words and ability to tell a fantastic story, his ability to vividly describe and set up a scene and buildup to several conflicts and does so flawlessly.

Don't believe me? Then I highly encourage you to read this book for yourself! You won't be sorry, not one bit, I can guarantee you that! Take it from someone who has read literally millions of books and thought I had seen and heard it all but, I have been proven wrong by a few authors lately and this author is one of them!

  I rarely say this but, I will say it now, i will be sitting on my hands and on pins and needles awaiting for book 2 to come out so I can once again immerse myself into this magnificent series and I will definitely be begging this amazing author to please let me read and review book 2 of this series! Look out followers, mark my words, this will become a new bestseller!

On a final note, I want to deeply and personally thank Author Neil Harris for asking me to read and review his book. It has a been a true honor and thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing a book that completely turned my world upside down for a time, you are truly gifted sir!

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