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Irum Zahra's Psychaotic: Seeing the world in black and red, Book Review "20 out of 20 Stars!"

Irum Zahra's Psychaotic: See the world in red and black, Book Review "20 out of 20 Stars"

By Author Holly Newhouse for Eternal Book Reviews

       Just as devotees of certain television shows wish for longer seasons and more episodes, readers of poetry long to have poems that touch their hearts and souls. In this regard, Irum Zahra has been more than accomodating. In her debut book of poetry "Psychaotic: See the world in black and red," Irum Zahra writes in such a way that readers can feel as if they are looking right into her very soul. this is a trait she shares in common with some of history's greatest poets.

        As I read the well written and descriptive prose contained within this amazing book, I was struck by the variety of emotions this fantastic poet was able to evoke within myself. As someone who only reads poetry by poets of the Renaissance era and earlier, I was extremely fascinated by the depth of the poetry contained within the lines of this book for which the author has insightfully named. The poetry she writes, contains themes  of darkness, pain, despair, abuse, chaos, misery and disorder that occurred at times in her life when the poems were written and yet, they also contain themes of happiness, love, wonder, perception, and the transformation and change that can occur within a person. All of these these resonated with this reviewer and will resonate with readers worldwide as everyone in life at one time or another has experienced or felt these emotions and themes in their lives as all of these themes make up the human psyche and the human experience. They will resonate more so with those that are misunderstood and suffer or have suffered with mental illness and who wear a mask in public for fear of ridicule or being stereotyped, a very complex issue in the world today and one I deal with on a daily basis as a victim traumatologist. It is an issue that is the dark times within oneself that is rarely shown and suffered with, alone.

     "Like a horror story being told, I felt the winds change their course...." is an example of this poet's unique ability in realistic and raw description that hits and resonates with this reviewers very soul.

The poem that affected me the most was called "Musings Underwater." This particular poem speaks about a girl who is empty, cold and alone in a broken home, who questions herself and who she has become, and her current existence. She is a soul, lost, in the reality of her world and present circumstances at the time the poem was written.

     This exceptional book of poetry, while deep and dark in some of its themes, is perceived by this reviewer as being therapeutic for the author. This book and her poems are perhaps a way for the author to let go of a painful at times, past and at the same time, it helps the reader to understand complex issues as the poet bares her soul to the world, just as so many amazing poets before her, have done.

     It is often said that a truly amazing poet always gives a part of him or herself in the writing of their poetry and it is very clear to this reviewer that Irum Zahra has clearly accomplished just that. The reader does not merely read words on a page with this book, but gets an in depth look into Zahra's soul at the time the poem was written.

     I highly recommend this book to lovers of poetry who seek out beloved poets that can deeply move them. Although, if you're not a fan of poetry and it's unique prose then this book is probably not for you.

    I definitely give this book 20 stars which is my highest praise for any book because it is just that good!

Irum Zahra

Psychaotic: Seeing the world in black and red

Self-Published-large print paperback

128pp. $5.83

    ******Disclosure of Material Connection****** I received a free copy of this book from the author, Irum Fahra. I was not required to provide a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16CFR, Part 255.

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