Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sated by Truth Devour Book Review

This book was fantastic!!! I sincerely hope there is more for this series!! I would love to see where Talia's journey leads next. I laughed and cried so much in the same reading it completely wore me out, it was fantastic!! This book as with the last two was beautifully crafted from the characters to the storyline, the ups and downs Talia experienced with a bit of the mystical added in that is so much a part of who she is. The writing was beautiful and uniquely worded. Once again I absolutely loved the addition of the Australian words added in, they gave emphasis to the scenes and were so uniquely Talia that I was excited to hear them. After so long she has her soul mate and became happy after so many ups and downs. The ending was absolutely perfect and no less than I have to come to expect from this tremendously brilliant author! The scenes were perfect all the way through the book, just enough information to help the reader really visualize everything and yet, not too much as to be overdone. I am completely in love with Talia and Bohdi and their lives together. It has not been an easy road for them but it made them stronger, each setback or issue to be worked through or fought for, made them stronger. I do have to say I absolutely loved Mable and wish I had her in my life, she was such a beautiful angelic character and I instantly fell in love with her. I love how the relationship dynamics in the relationships Talia chose to keep close to her heart are still the same and yet different at the same time. It was all so very realistic. I truly hope this series becomes a series of movies or even a tv show, it would be perfect for it! Once again, thank you again to this wonderful author for sharing their talent with the world. You have a dedicated fan in me!!

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