Thursday, October 23, 2014

Spinner of Yarns by Ray Dacolias Book Review

To start off with I will say that I couldn't really get into the first story but after that, I absolutely loved the rest of the short stories in the book! The stories each held clear messages that were intriguing and offered a different perspective in viewing each of the issues addressed in the stories. The author's stories address issues and characteristics that can be seen by some as taboo in polite speaking society but, one that need to be addressed in today's society none the less. There was minor editing issues in the first story but by far nothing that deterred me from reading and enjoying the stories. I personally put more stock into the content of an author's story than those who like to nit pit over little minor errors to the point where they miss the enjoyment to be had in the author's amazing stories and/or storyline. Even as short stories I could clearly see a great deal of thought and work went into the writing of this amazing book. It was exceptionally well written. The characters and story lines were brilliantly crafted. The messages, I felt, are pertinent to society today and were all very thought provoking. My middle school aged daughter read this book along with me and quickly caught onto the messages conveyed in each story and thought about each one in depth before going on to the next story. Each one had an impact on her that I could clearly see and at the end she also said, "WOW! That really made me see things differently and it was amazing!" There is no higher compliment from her. I am recommending this book to all of my friends and even some of my therapy clients as well! So, If you love amazing short stories that will really have you thinking and will make you see things differently that you might have otherwise, then you really need to read this amazing book! Thank you to the author for sharing his amazing talent and words with the world! This world would be vastly different without all wonderful authors and their amazing displays of creativity and knowledge in it.

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